Solitics Redefines Customer Engagement for Financial Industry Players

Solitics, a prominent figure renowned for its cutting-edge customer engagement technology, stands poised to revolutionize client interactions within the financial industry, particularly for online brokers, prop firms, and banks. Positioned at the forefront of innovation, Solitics introduces a paradigm shift in the way financial service providers engage with their clientele, setting a new standard of excellence in the process.

From the initial stages of client onboarding to the ongoing processes of lead nurturing, marketing endeavors, reactivation strategies, and all facets in between, Solitics comprehensive suite of solutions offers a unified approach to managing marketing automation. This holistic approach not only significantly enhances trading platform usage among customers but also elevates user value, while simultaneously eliminating operational bottlenecks and expediting time-to-market for financial institutions.

At the heart of Solitics’ methodology lies a profound understanding of the pivotal role that data plays in modern marketing endeavors. Embracing the mantra that “Data is at the heart of marketing,” Solitics places a premium on “hyperpersonalization” a concept that is especially pertinent in the dynamic landscape of online trading. Leveraging cutting-edge analytics, brokers can now craft personalized pop-ups and alerts based on real-time insights into their clients’ portfolio risk levels, price fluctuations, and market updates, thereby enhancing engagement and fostering a deeper sense of connection with their client base.

Powered by a robust architecture supported by a sophisticated Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology, Solitics’ Customer Engagement solution not only simplifies marketing operations through automation but also unlocks new avenues for retention and conversion professionals. By incorporating a gamification layer into the platform, brokers are empowered to create immersive experiences for their traders, thereby driving lasting engagement and loyalty.

Describing hyperpersonalization as “the heart of everything we do,” Solitics Founder and CEO Tomer Baumel underscored the significance of “connecting with your customers at a deeper level by reaching them where they are.”

“Whether they are first-time visitors or existing customers, Solitics equips you with the necessary tools to genuinely enhance their experience.”

Elevating Engagement through Gamification

While gamification has been a ubiquitous strategy across various industries for over a decade, its adoption within the online trading sector has been relatively sluggish. Recognizing this untapped potential, Solitics offers innovative gamification solutions designed to empower marketing and conversion teams to enhance engagement and drive meaningful interactions with their clients.

Drawing upon its extensive experience in the fintech space, Solitics seamlessly integrates gamification elements into its customer engagement platform, enabling brokers to deliver immersive experiences through compelling storytelling and interactive visual aids. By leveraging gamified widgets and embedded elements, brokers can effectively convey the narrative of assets, fostering engagement and facilitating informed decision-making among traders.

Deena Komisar, the dynamic VP of Marketing at Solitics, underscores the platform’s ability to equip brokers with essential insights to navigate the complexities of financial markets confidently. Through real-time data collection and integration with external sources such as expert analytics and breaking news, Solitics empowers marketing and sales professionals to deliver targeted offers via multiple channels, thereby simplifying the conversion process and driving meaningful outcomes.

Simplifying Operations and Compliance

In addition to enhancing marketing operations, Solitics’ customer engagement platform offers tangible benefits for compliance and back-office professionals, alleviating the burden of cumbersome processes such as KYC and trade reporting. Fully GDPR-compliant, the Reporting Module furnishes comprehensive data insights, facilitating informed decision-making and regulatory compliance.

For IT professionals tasked with integration, Solitics offers a seamless and hassle-free experience, requiring minimal development effort and no complex coding. With a commitment of just 45 days, brokers can swiftly implement the platform, leveraging ongoing support and guidance from a dedicated customer success team to maximize their return on investment.

With a proven track record of exceptional user satisfaction, Solitics emerges as the preferred technology provider for financial institutions of all sizes, lauded for its ease of use and quality support. As a comprehensive solution that addresses the entire business cycle, from client onboarding to marketing, retention, compliance, and reporting, Solitics empowers financial institutions to foster customer loyalty, enhance user experiences, and drive conversion and retention in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Experience the Future of Customer Engagement

Discover how Solitics’ customer engagement platform can propel your business to new heights, and embark on a transformative journey towards unparalleled success. Contact us today to learn more and unlock the full potential of your client interactions.