Simon Grunfeld Named As CEO of Gallant Exchange

Gallant Exchange, a mainstream retail trading service provider which has listed many sports based crypto currencies revealed appointment of new head of the firm in its latest announcement. As per statement released by the firm, it has appointed Mr. Simon Grunfeld to serve as its new Chief Executive Officer earlier this month. Simon was originally serving as Principal in the exchange’s parent company Gallant Partners since June of 2005. Simon is a renowned entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience having served in numerous leadership roles across financial services industry. His longest term at a firm so far is at Gallant Partners having remained in the firm for more than 15 years as per information in his LinkedIn profile.

Gallant Partners is well known in crypto circle as a developer of many blockchain and crypto based products. Prior to taking up his current role at the Exchange, he also served in the role of strategic partnerships at Apifiny for nearly a year alongside his role at Gallant partners. He also established and served as Managing Director of Ibinex, a cryptocurrency solutions provider which dealt in liquidity, OTC trading, remittance and wide range of other services. Some of his other notable roles include – Engagement Leader at Netsmart technologies, Co-Founder of Gallant Capital Markets, Co-Founder of Gallant VPS, Business Development Manager at eTouchWare and Manager at Ketone Networks.

Simon Grunfeld, CEO at Gallant Exchange

Speaking about his career growth, Grunfeld said “I started my career in IT and then pursued projects in the FX industry which lead me to become a registered CTA to then form the broker Gallant FX and then co-founded and headed up the product development of Gallant VPS and Gallant Capital Markets”. Gallant Exchange primarily focuses on bringing spots based tokens attracting sports fans in retail trading market. Aside from this, the firm also provides trading options for Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and Ripple with global liquidity base. The firm also became a member of Blockchain Association to ensure compliance with highest industry standards.