Shiba Inu Enhances Privacy & Security with New Encryption

SHIB, the force behind the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, today introduced Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) into its platform, ensuring unmatched data protection for its users.

This move places SHIB among the pioneers in the Web3 sector, offering comprehensive privacy through its new layer, $TREAT, and marking a significant stride in blockchain security via its partnership with encryption leader Zama. This collaboration aims for a secure and intuitive network, reflecting SHIB’s dedication to its community’s safety.

Shytoshi Kusama emphasized the importance of privacy for the SHIB community’s confidence and security, viewing the Zama partnership and FHE adoption as key milestones: “We know that in order to deliver against our vision for a nation-state, we need to empower our Shibizens to operate with the full confidence that their activity is both private and secure. This partnership with Zama and the implementation of FHE is a seminal milestone in our journey to fulfill that promise”.

Zama’s CEO, Rand, expressed excitement over bringing FHE to SHIB’s vast user base, anticipating new applications and setting higher standards for blockchain privacy: “Partnering with SHIB to bring FHE to millions of people in their community is incredibly exciting. Not only will this enable a wide range of new use cases on the Shiba Inu platform, it will also set a new benchmark for blockchain privacy and security.”

Shiba Inu’s robust market presence and vibrant community underscore its ongoing innovation in the cryptocurrency realm. The integration of FHE is expected to fuel ecosystem growth, introduce new privacy functionalities, and highlight the capabilities of privacy-enhanced blockchain technology.

SHIB’s popularity is evident in its significant following and its position as a leading DeFi cryptocurrency ecosystem. It encompasses various tokens and NFTs, and powers innovative technologies like SHIB: The Metaverse and Shibarium. For more information, visit

Zama, specializing in open-source cryptography, develops state-of-the-art FHE solutions for blockchain and AI, enabling a wide array of privacy-preserving applications, from confidential contracts to encrypted cloud services.