SAXO Bank Signs Partnership Agreement with Valuable Capital Group to Expand Further in China

Kim Fournais, CEO and co-founder of Saxo Bank
Kim Fournais, CEO and co-founder of Saxo Bank

In a move to improve and expand its offering in the global financial market, Copenhagen based SAXO Bank has forged a partnership with Hong-Kong based Valuable Capital Group. The partnership aims to provide diversified, convenient and professional global investment services leveraging the capabilities of Saxo Bank’s trading technology and market offerings.

This partnership will help SAXO Bank to expand further in China and Far-East and also assist in group’s recent strategic decisions taken with respect to make China as its next growth-engine hub as it will provide a local advantage. Valuable Capital Group will provide investors with access to more than 35,000 financial instruments leveraging the multi-asset trading technology of SAXO Bank.

Valuable Capital  Group is a part of SINA Corporation (NASDAQ: SINA) when the latter invested in the former back in 2017 to expand its operations across the global market. Alongside headquarters in Hong-Kong, the company has offices in Shenzhen and Beijing.

Chairman of Valuable Capital Group, GeXu commented on the partnership: 

“By cooperating with Saxo Bank, Valuable Capital Group is able to provide clients with access to global financial markets with a specific focus on the European markets. We are committed to the technological reforming of financial services in Hong Kong and working with Saxo Bank, a leading global multi-asset trading and investment specialist, is a milestone for the Group.”

“The partnership with Saxo Bank is an important step in the international development of Valuable Capital Group enabling the Group to provide better investment services in diversified financial assets to all clients and ensure that more investors have access to the new opportunities arising from increased internationalization.”

Founder and CEO of Saxo Bank, Kim Fournais issued a statement on the newly forged partnership:

“We see partnerships and increased cooperation as one of the most disruptive factors in the financial industry. By entering into cooperation and leveraging each other’s strengths, partnerships help deliver truly best-in-class client experience much more efficiently.”

Saxo Bank“Saxo Bank was a fintech long before the term was created and we use that strong technology foundation to deliver wholesale solutions and Banking-as-a-Service. We look forward to working with Valuable Capital Group to leverage on its local expertise and Saxo Bank’s unique technology and access to global capital markets.”

SAXO Bank is upping its game with respect to the Chinese market and making its presence felt around there. Just a few days earlier, it has appointed Vivienne Yu as new China CEO from Commonwealth Bank’s China division specifically to help in growing group’s business in China and region adjacent. These all efforts will be reflected in the company’s monthly operational metrics and could re-write some of its record trading volumes in recent times.