Saudi Launches World’s First Cultural Metaverse

The Saudi Ministry of Culture, droppGroup, and Oracle have joined forces to launch the Cultural Universe, the world’s first government-operated national Metaverse initiative.

Launched on February 22nd in celebration of Saudi Arabia’s national Founding Day 2024, the Cultural Universe introduces a unique fusion of cultural exhibitions and digital advancements. Utilizing droppGroup’s GMI technology, the Founding Day Microverse offers a vibrant digital space for users to immerse themselves in the Founding Day 2024 festivities virtually, featuring a variety of cultural displays, including a History Walk, and areas dedicated to showcasing Saudi music, art, history, cuisine, and crafts, along with mini video games. Additionally, the Cultural Universe’s Performance Center provides live streams of events like the Founding Day Beginning Symphony.

Designed for full immersion and accessible via a web-based platform, Cultural Universe is compatible with Mobile XR, facilitating access through various devices such as smartphones, VR headsets, and desktops. This cross-platform accessibility reflects the Ministry of Culture’s aim for inclusivity, inviting a worldwide audience to explore and connect with Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage.

Cultural Universe acts as a virtual counterpart to Saudi Arabia’s cultural legacy and modern cultural events, embodying Vision 2030’s objectives for technological progress and cultural preservation. droppGroup’s contribution highlights their expertise in bridging traditional and digital narratives, showcasing their commitment to ‘phygital’ innovation. The Ministry of Culture views this project as a pivotal step towards enriching cultural expression and involvement.

This venture transcends technological innovation to spark a cultural movement, aiming to cultivate a global community where heritage and innovation harmoniously coexist. It signals a future where cultural heritage extends into new frontiers.

The Ministry of Culture is dedicated to safeguarding and celebrating Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage while fostering modern artistic endeavors. droppGroup leads in merging the physical with the digital, excelling in the integration of AI through their development of Generative Media Intelligence (GMI), a sophisticated AI system. Their expertise in blockchain and multi-agent systems positions them as pioneers in making cutting-edge technology universally accessible, underscoring their commitment to the future of Web3 and AI-driven innovation.