Revolut to list Solana’s meme coin Bonk, taps AI to avoid scams

European fintech giant Revolut plans to list Solana’s headline-grabbing meme coin, Bonk. Not just stopping at the listing, Revolut is also gearing up for a hefty $1.2 million campaign aimed at getting its users up to speed on Bonk.

This ambitious “learn” initiative is still waiting for the green light from Bonk’s governing council, the team behind the project’s hefty treasury exceeding $100 million in BONK tokens. With half of the council’s members already in favor and no objections so far, the initiative seems poised for approval.

Bonk has seen a remarkable journey to prominence, up by 19,000% since early November, as tracked by CoinMarketCap, supported by listings on leading exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance.

Born in the wake of the FTX collapse, Bonk was Solana enthusiasts’ answer to a dark time for the blockchain community, quickly becoming Solana’s most prominent meme coin and a popular incentive tool across Solana-based apps.

Revolut’s strategy includes rewarding users with Bonk tokens for participating in the educational campaign through their app. The proposed plan by Bonk’s council aims to set aside 93 billion BONK tokens (valued at $1.2 million) for the campaign, with the goal of expanding Bonk’s user base by 500,000.

Elsewhere, Revolut has introduced an advanced AI scam detection feature aimed at safeguarding consumers against the increasing prevalence of card scams. This new feature can identify instances where a customer is being targeted by scammers, intervening to prevent money from being transferred to the criminal.

Serving as an additional layer of security atop existing measures, this solution is specifically designed to detect authorized push payment (APP) scams, wherein users are coerced into transferring funds to a criminal’s account. Developed by Revolut’s financial crime team, the AI protection feature assesses the likelihood of a customer’s card payment being associated with a scam and automatically declines the transaction if deemed suspicious.