Release of V3.113 Enhances Order Routing, Adds Heatmap and Grid Panels

Multi-market trading platform provider TraderEvolution Global has released the latest version of its trading platform, including several key updates to the company’s back office solution and additional functionality within its web-based front end user interface.

Reinforcing TraderEvolution Global’s commitment to continual advancement of features which ensure full functionality in a liquidity agnostic, multi-asset environment, the latest release, designated version 3.113, covers these important refinements:

TraderEvolution Back Office:

1: Addition of new external link type

A new type of external link in the form of ‘Web Container’ has been added. This external link type allows the adding of widgets in the form of HTML code. This for example allows adding any of TradingView widgets to all the TE front-ends within a few clicks.

2: Different plans under one login can be assigned to user accounts

The Spread, Commission, and Cross Rate Markup plans have been moved from user level to account level. As a result of this enhancement, users can have different plans assigned to their accounts under one login, which gives higher flexibility. 

3: Account preset functionality added

A new account preset functionality has been developed. This allows the creation of multiple templates with predefined attributes such as risk settings or trading rules.

4: Two new functionalities added to Capital Events.

4.1) Re-execution on the same event and position is now possible. If active, this function provides the ability to execute a corporate action for the same position as many times as required.

4.2) ‘Notify users by’. This new function allows the notifying of users about corporate actions. It contains a drop-down list of possible ways to notify users, including Mail, Push, or Pop-up. All values are false by default.

5: Ability to define delay between two non-market order resends in Execution Settings.

A new ‘Non market order resend delay’ option has been added. This defines a delay in milliseconds between 2 sequential non-market order resends. This only applies to Limit/Stop/StopLimit types of order.

6: Order Routing Rules

TraderEvolution has implemented new functionality that allows the setting of various rules for sending of orders to different liquidity providers and/or A/B Book based on specific conditions.

Enhancements to Web Front End Platform:

1: Heatmap panel added

In version 3.113, the heatmap panel has been added to the web version of the front end trading interface.

Release 3.113 HeatMap

2: Grid panel added.

A panel displaying multiple charts has been added to the web version of the front end trading interface.