Quantitative Brokers enhances premium algos and tools on the Bloomberg App Portal

BloombergQuantitative Brokers (QB) announced the enhancement of its premium execution algorithms and introduced a new trade simulation tool on the Bloomberg App Portal.


With the enhancement, the independent provider of advanced algorithms and data-driven analytics for futures and U.S. cash treasury markets is able to deliver high-value services and advanced solutions to its customers.


The two complementary apps (“QB” and “SIMQB”) enable traders to use QB’s electronic trading technology with data and functionality on the Bloomberg Terminal. QB released enhancements to its suite of premium algorithms for Bloomberg App Portal users, which can help futures and fixed income investors achieve best execution. These algos, designed to respond dynamically to market indicators for trade optimization, and QB’s trade cost analysis (TCA) give traders sophisticated performance measurement analytics, similar to what is prevalent in equities trading, through the Bloomberg Terminal service.


Ralf Roth, Chief Executive Officer of QB
Ralf Roth, Chief Executive Officer of QB

Ralf Roth, Chief Executive Officer of QB, said: ‟Bloomberg Terminal subscribers now have access to our sophisticated trading tools with which they can simulate trades through a Bloomberg monitor and then submit orders to QB without interrupting workflow. Through this collaboration with Bloomberg, QB can deliver high-value services and advanced solutions to our clients all over the world who use the Bloomberg Terminal service.”

Moreover, the new release introduces QB’s strategy simulator, where users can run test simulations on futures and on-the-run cash treasury orders before submitting an order to QB. Users are also able to measure and benchmark trade performance and measure trade cost on any order that uses QB’s intelligent execution algorithms.


Pushing the boundary on capabilities in electronic trading, Quantitative Brokers offers a proprietary transaction cost analysis (TCA) for clients to help them monitor best execution.


Mike King, Global Business Manager of the Bloomberg App Portal
Mike King, Global Business Manager of the Bloomberg App Portal

Mike King, Global Business Manager of the Bloomberg App Portal, commented: ‟The Bloomberg App Portal enables brokers, such as QB and software vendors, to plug-into the power of Bloomberg and deliver sophisticated tools to a shared customer base.”


The ability for the application to add value to Bloomberg’s existing feature set and information resources is the core criteria in which applications are evaluated and selected for the Bloomberg App Portal.


App Portal gives Bloomberg Terminal users access to dozens of third-party and broker software tools for news and social sentiment analysis, technical charting analysis, data visualization and more. Quantitative Brokers’ customers can connect to Bloomberg’s global network of investment professionals and execution venues when they access QB tools.