The Public Face of Leadership After an IPO

six securities servicesIn this year’s Swiss Biotech Report, SIX shows the challenges that an IPO brings with it in terms of public relations and how to tackle them.

The Swiss Biotech Report 2019[PDF] is dedicated to the topic “shaping change” and demonstrates that the Swiss biotech industry is well prepared for the upcoming paradigm shift and global challenges in light of its increasing research investments (+ 32%), high liquidity (+ 14%) and a valuable patent portfolio (53% of Swiss biotech patents are “world-class patents”).

The contribution of SIX in this year’s edition shows why it is important to take a close look at corporate governance and related topics regarding public relations and to establish guidelines and measures that are conducive to the successful management of a company at an early stage.

The new report was presented at this year’s Swiss Biotech Day , the leading Swiss biotechnology conference.

The impact of public statements

With an IPO, not only the company but also the leadership team goes public; in particular the Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer. Interest in the company and the behavior of management gains a new dimension in terms of public attention. Together with partners from the industry and an expert from the public relations sector, Christian Fehr, Relationship Manager Primary Markets, examined this comprehensive topic from various perspectives. The topic of ad hoc publicity is also covered in the article as part of an overview.

Europe’s leading exchange for Life Sciences

The Swiss stock exchange is Europe’s leading exchange for Life Sciences companies, representing around 40% of the European Life Sciences free-float market capitalization across Europe’s major stock exchanges. Switzerland’s capital-rich investor base, strong banking system and its leading industry know-how make up the country’s vibrant Life Sciences ecosystem. This enables companies to efficiently raise capital with a view to driving scientific discoveries through to market launch.

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