Polkadot Community Coin $PINK Launches Today

The $PINK memecoin, dedicated to the Polkadot community, announces its launch with a total supply of 2.3 billion, symbolizing Polkadot’s RGB code. It’s allocated to parachains and communities to support the ecosystem, featuring a unique game, PINKDROP, to boost awareness and participation, with significant portions reserved for game players and additional allocations for gaming communities.

Polkadot has introduced a new community-focused cryptocurrency, $PINK, which is now officially available to the public. This token was distributed through an airdrop to prominent Polkadot communities and became accessible on March 21.

The creation of $PINK features a total supply of 2,300,001,221 tokens. This specific figure pays homage to Polkadot’s distinctive RGB color code, reflecting the project’s identity within the digital asset space. The Polkadot AssetHub serves as the platform for issuing $PINK, aiming for equitable distribution across the ecosystem. To achieve this, allocations of $PINK have been made to leading parachains and communities actively contributing to Polkadot’s development and expansion.

A significant portion of the token supply, 12.5%, has been dedicated to parachains, with 14 teams currently qualifying for this allocation. These parachains have the autonomy to distribute their $PINK shares to their users as they see fit. Among them, the Moonbeam network is set to receive the most substantial parachain airdrop, followed by Bifrost and Astar, based on their roles and contributions to the ecosystem.

To enhance engagement with the $PINK community and the broader Polkadot ecosystem, a game titled PINKDROP has been developed by a game studio known for the Great Escape. PINKDROP is a casual, web-based game designed to introduce players to Polkadot through interactive challenges. The gameplay involves combining balls representing various parachains to increase the size of a ball, symbolizing the goal of achieving the ultimate Polkadot ball.

The game encourages competition among players to gather points and ascend the leaderboard. It proceeds until a player’s ball reaches a predetermined size limit. To incentivize participation, 15% of the total $PINK supply has been reserved for players of PINKDROP, with extra allocations for those who engage in social activities, such as sharing their high scores on social media platforms. Since its launch in December, PINKDROP has experienced significant engagement, with over 225,000 game sessions played by 14,000 unique addresses in the first month alone.

Additionally, 2.5% of the $PINK supply is set aside for distribution among gaming communities, with participation from six games, including three from the Polkadot ecosystem and three external games like Shockwaves.ai. This initiative aims to foster the development and adoption of GameFi (gaming finance) on Polkadot. Other games that have received an allocation of $PINK include Exiled Racers and Evrloot, demonstrating the commitment to integrating $PINK with Polkadot-based games to encourage active participation.

Looking ahead, a new version of PINKDROP is planned for release, featuring a league mode with daily tournaments where players can compete for $PINK rewards. This update is expected to further promote the adoption of $PINK and illustrate its potential for integration with games within the Polkadot ecosystem, thereby incentivizing gamer involvement.

The $PINK token represents a community-centric approach within the Polkadot ecosystem, developed collaboratively by volunteers from various sectors of this ecosystem. It underscores Polkadot’s distinctive “PINK identity,” reflecting its unique position in the blockchain community. The initiative to launch $PINK, along with its innovative distribution methods and engagement strategies like PINKDROP, highlights the Polkadot community’s efforts to foster a more interactive and participatory ecosystem.