PayRetailers Announces Expansion into Africa to Enhance Its Market Presence

PayRetailers is expanding into Africa, aiming to offer advanced payment solutions to businesses seeking growth in vibrant emerging markets.

PayRetailers, a leading payment processor in Latin America, is excited to announce its expansion into Africa. Now operating in Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda, and Tanzania, the company introduces a unified payment solution tailored for cross-border online merchants planning strategic growth within Africa.

To solidify its foothold on the continent, PayRetailers has initiated payment processing operations in these four nations. This development promises a streamlined, user-friendly, and scalable service to enterprises eager to expand their regional activities. It also provides access to key local payment methods such as SPENN, Airtel, and MTN, simplifying transactions for businesses and consumers alike.

The African market is rapidly growing in connectivity and mobile usage, showing significant potential for future expansion. PayRetailers is committed to enhancing financial inclusion and supporting business growth in emerging markets by activating its network across the region.

Lorenzo Pellegrino, Chief Operating & Digital Officer at PayRetailers, noted: “As part of our strategic expansion, we are initially establishing our presence in four African markets. We aim to continuously broaden our operations throughout the continent, which is witnessing remarkable growth in the payments industry. This expansion offers substantial opportunities for merchants to diversify and enhance their consumer outreach. Drawing from our proven track record in LATAM, we are equipped to assist businesses in achieving rapid and sustainable growth.”

Juan Pablo Jutgla, CEO of PayRetailers, added: “The potential and importance of entering these dynamic markets are clear. Each new market we penetrate serves as a portal to untapped opportunities and stronger partnerships, promoting our sustained growth and international significance. Our forthcoming expansion into more countries across West, North, and Southern Africa highlights our dedication to empowering our clients and linking them with diverse consumer bases across the continent.”

Starting in May, businesses will be able to engage with the African market through PayRetailers, marking an important milestone in the company’s client portfolio and its strategic innovation for 2024. The company also has additional expansion plans in Africa, ready to be executed in the upcoming months, aiming to further integrate their services within the local ecosystems and foster a more connected payment landscape. This initiative reflects PayRetailers’ vision of a more inclusive financial environment, supporting the diverse needs of merchants and consumers in one of the world’s most dynamic and rapidly developing regions. By leveraging advanced technology and a deep understanding of local markets, PayRetailers is set to redefine the way businesses handle transactions in Africa, ensuring efficient, secure, and adaptable payment processes.

For more information, please visit the PayRetailers website  or their LinkedIn page.