Orbs Network Has the ORBS Token Listed on CoinDCX Exchange

Layer3 public blockchain Orbs Network has had its native token listed on CoinDCX. As a result, users of the Indian exchange will be able to buy and sell the ORBS token and use it to explore the apps and services available on Orbs Network.

Orbs is best known for its dTWAP and dLIMIT protocols, which have been integrated by numerous DEXes across EVM chains such as Linea and BNB Chain. These products allow DEX traders to utilize features more synonymous with CEX trading such as the ability to place limit orders. The ORBS token plays a key role in Orbs Network and is used to secure the Proof of Stake chain.

ORBS Enters New Territory

Founded in 2018, CoinDCX is one of India’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. It supports over 500 digital assets, providing a single platform for accessing leading cryptocurrencies. By having its native ORBS token listed on CoinDCX, Orbs Network will be able to gain a foothold in the sizeable Indian market and establish a presence in a country where interest in blockchain technology is strong.

Following the Indian government’s recent decision to block multiple offshore exchanges, including Binance, Indian users have been compelled to access domestic exchanges. This has driven greater volume to CoinDCX, which allows users to trade cryptocurrencies paired against the Indian rupee. Following the Indian government’s censure of offshore exchanges in December, crypto projects seeking exposure to the country are obliged to ensure their token is available on accredited platforms such as CoinDCX.

In recent months, Orbs Network has made its commitment to entering the Indian market clear. Orbs VP of Business Development, Ran Hammer, recently spoke at India Blockchain Week. Hosted in Bangalore on December 6-7, the event brought industry figures together from across the world’s largest country to explore blockchain technology. At the two-day event, Ran discussed innovations in staking.

ORBS Goes on an Exchange Blitz

Orbs Network has secured a flurry of exchange listings for its ORBS token lately, with the CoinDCX news being complemented by similar listings on the likes of Bybit, Binance, and OKX. As Orbs builts out its suite of blockchain services, it’s also been on a mission to drive greater participation in ORBS staking, which provides the ideal entry point for users exploring its growing ecosystem.

StakingRewards recently created a dedicated portal for ORBS staking. This allows users to determine the ROI from participating in ORBS staking and to view key network metrics pertaining to the total amount of the token supply being staked, and to monitor net inflows and outflows.

In December, Orbs also announced a $600,000 investment into BNB Chain liquidity layer THENA. Orbs’ dLIMIT and dTWAP protocols are integrated with THENA, giving users access to advanced order types including limit orders and algorithmic trading strategies using decentralized time-weighted average price (TWAP) orders. Linea DEX Lynex has also followed suit, allowing users of the Consensys-developed L2 to access limit orders onchain.

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