oneZero taps Options’ normalized market access data model

“oneZero’s partnership with Options exemplifies our commitment to continuously improving the liquidity-neutral EcoSystem that we have been building on behalf of our clients.”

Options Technology has expanded its partnership with oneZero to build upon the existing integration between oneZero and Options Activ’s consolidated data service.

The goal is to streamline the experience for mutual customers with bespoke API connectivity between Options’ multi-asset class normalized and historical market data, and oneZero’s multi-asset class liquidity, aggregation and risk management solutions which facilitate tens of millions of trades per day.

oneZero customers will leverage Options’ normalized market access data model on the oneZero Hub to better distribute pricing and risk across a wider range of asset classes with an accelerated time to market.

“Continuously improving the liquidity-neutral EcoSystem”

Danny Moore, President and CEO of Options, said: “At Options, our commitment to excellence, innovation, and ensuring clients thrive in an ever-evolving financial market is the cornerstone of our business. We are delighted to continue that mission with oneZero. Together, we seek to empower traders and financial institutions with the industry’s most comprehensive multi-asset asset-class trading technology solution. The integration of our market data solutions with oneZero’s state-of-the-art modular risk and price distribution platform will be a game-changer, providing unparalleled access to multi-asset class liquidity.”

Andrew Ralich, CEO and Co-Founder of oneZero, added: “oneZero’s partnership with Options exemplifies our commitment to continuously improving the liquidity-neutral EcoSystem that we have been building on behalf of our clients. It is our goal to provide a partner framework where oneZero clients can seamlessly access value-added services. In the modern banking and brokerage environment, being able to offer an array of asset classes, and rapidly evolving that asset class offering to catch market trends, is essential. Our accessible data framework provides the flexibility for our clients to access the market data vendors they require, and we are delighted to extend our partnership with Options.”

oneZero Financial Systems has been around since 2009 and its product offering includes the Hub, EcoSystem, and Data Source – three components that together provide a complete solution for execution, distribution, and analytics. oneZero empowers financial institutions and brokers to compete effectively in the global financial markets through a globally compliant, liquidity-neutral solution.

As part of its efforts to never conform to its success, oneZero recently announced the extension of its Data Partners network with other vendors that add value to the trade lifecycle for clients, including TRAction for trade reporting, and New Change FX for regulated reference data for reporting.

Options Technology recently partnered with Magtia and Trader Evolution, achieved a new Microsoft Cloud Security specialization, and partnered with Dukascopy.