Octa’s Ramadan Giving: Education and Community Support

Throughout the past year, the international brokerage firm Octa has been at the forefront of initiating and supporting various charity projects during the holy month of Ramadan, emphasizing its commitment to giving back to the community.

During Ramadan, charity becomes even more significant, aligning with the teachings and spirit of this sacred month. Octa’s dedication to these efforts showcases the firm’s core values and its understanding of the importance of Ramadan in the Islamic faith.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, holds immense religious significance for Muslims worldwide. It’s a time for reflection, prayer, and community. Octa, inspired by the enthusiasm and drive of its regional partners, has successfully launched and supported numerous social projects across Muslim communities, continuing a tradition of several years.

The countries that stood out for their active participation in Octa’s Ramadan charity initiatives are Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nigeria, each with its unique projects making a significant impact.

In Indonesia, Octa backed a notable education program aimed at enhancing the skills of teachers through a series of 4-day training workshops. These workshops were conducted in partnership with Yayasan Tunas Aksara, benefiting teachers from up to ten schools. Moreover, Octa’s ambassador, Andre Rizky, contributed to this initiative by conducting a workshop on financial literacy, adding value to the educational offerings.

Malaysia saw Octa sponsoring projects that revolutionized learning for many by providing access to a school management system, a gamified learning platform, and Google for Education tools. Through collaboration with Ideas Academy, this initiative helped digitalize over a thousand learning centers for refugees and underprivileged students, thereby advancing their educational opportunities. This partnership also introduced an innovative online workshop on financial literacy, aligning with Ideas Academy’s self-study approach.

In Nigeria, Octa made a remarkable contribution by providing 1,444 Muslims with nutritious meals throughout the five-week Ramadan period, which equates to 288 portions per week. This effort was particularly symbolic, commemorating the 1,444th anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s migration to Medina. The distribution of meals was facilitated through partnerships with local mosque leaders, ensuring that the aid reached those most in need.

Octa’s involvement in Ramadan charity projects has become a tradition, reflecting the brokerage’s commitment to social responsibility. Looking ahead to 2024, Octa aims to expand its charitable efforts, enhancing its social impact and building on its existing partnerships while seeking new collaborations.

Since its establishment in 2011, Octa has been a leading international broker, offering online trading services globally. The company is actively involved in various charity and humanitarian projects, focusing on educational improvement and emergency relief efforts, thereby supporting and uplifting communities around the world.