Oasys Teams Up with Metabora SG Web3 Division to Spice Up Blockchain Gaming

Oasys, a game-centric blockchain network that has previously worked with SoftBank, Sega, and Ubisoft, is joining forces with Metabora SG, the Web3 arm of South Korean gaming giant Kakao Games.

Announced on Wednesday, this collaboration aims to develop and distribute advanced blockchain games to a broader audience. This initiative is part of Oasys’ “Dragon Update,” a comprehensive work plan for 2024 that focuses on enhancing interoperability, expanding its ecosystem, and producing high-quality gaming content.

Dominic Jang, Head of Business Development and Head of Korea at Oasys, highlighted the shared goal with Metabora SG to transform the gaming industry through blockchain technology. “We are delighted to partner with Metabora SG, a company that fully shares our vision of revolutionizing the gaming industry through the use of blockchain technology,” he added in a press release.

Kakao Games, the parent company of Metabora SG, is well-known for its successful titles like Black Desert Line and the South Korean edition of PUBG. Additionally, Kakao is famous for KakaoTalk, a widely-used messaging app in the country. Metabora SG also launched a range of blockchain-based games, including Skill Blitz, Birdie Shot, and ArcheStar.

Oasys distinguishes itself in the crowded gaming-focused blockchain space through its unique architecture, which includes a primary layer-1 blockchain (“Hub layer”) and an Ethereum-compatible layer-2 scaling solution (“Verse layer”). This dual-layer approach facilitates the development and deployment of games by providing scalability and interoperability with the Ethereum ecosystem. The architecture also allows individual games to launch their own version, or “Verse,” by tapping into its capabilities.

The collaboration with Metabora SG is seen as a pivotal step for Oasys in expanding its presence in South Korea, with plans to leverage its network in Japan to support Metabora SG’s entry into the Japanese market. Oasys has emerged as a preferred platform for traditional video game companies exploring Web3, with big firms like Ubisoft and Sega already developing projects on the network. Ubisoft, for instance, is working on Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, an original blockchain game, and has launched a related Ethereum NFT collection.

Furthermore, Sega and Bandai Namco are exploring Web3 gaming opportunities on Oasys, which reflects the platform’s growing appeal among established gaming brands. Specifically, Sega is set to introduce some of its intellectual properties (IP) to Web3 gaming through Oasys in collaboration with Japanese studio Double Jump.Tokyo. The initiative begins with a Battle of the Three Kingdoms game. Additionally, gaming behemoth Bandai Namco (known for Pac-Man and Tekken) unveiled an experimental AI-driven game on the chain last year.

The recent announcement that South Korean mobile game publisher Com2uS will port games from its XPLA ecosystem to Oasys has led to a surge in the price of the OAS token, reaching a new all-time high earlier this month, though it has slightly corrected since.

Founded in Japan and Singapore, Oasys is a decentralized platform backed by titans in the gaming space. With its advanced features and gaming-focused innovations, Oasys promises a future where gamers and developers experience an unparalleled blockchain gaming environment.

Oasys’ inception traces back to the challenges faced by the board members of double jump.tokyo. As passionate web3 game developers, their struggles with the limitations of existing blockchains led to the establishment of Oasys in February 2022.

Oasys was born to solve two fundamental challenges in the blockchain realm: high gas fees and slow transactions. Oasys, even being relatively young in the market, aligns its objectives with infrastructure developers like Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon – all working towards achieving a scalable blockchain ecosystem. Their emphasis on high scalability, rapid transaction speeds, and minimal gas fees promises a better user experience.


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