Nuant Partners with OpenWealth Association to Enhance Digital Asset Risk Management in Swiss Finance

Nuant has joined the prestigious OpenWealth Association, aligning with key finance players like Credit Suisse, LGT, VP Bank, and leading WealthTech firms such as Assetmax and InvestSuite. This significant collaboration aims to advance crypto investment risk management in Switzerland’s robust financial sector.

Advancing Wealth Management Through Open API Standards

The OpenWealth Association, dedicated to developing open API standards, enhances financial data exchange globally, promoting efficiency in wealth management. Nuant’s expertise in the CeDeFi space, offering sophisticated risk management tools for digital assets, reinforces the growing integration of digital assets within traditional finance.

Bringing DeFi Insights into Mainstream Finance

Nuant’s involvement in the OpenWealth Association underlines a significant shift towards embracing digital assets in the Swiss financial arena. The company brings its innovative technology and profound knowledge in digital asset risk management, navigating the complexities of modern investment landscapes.

Statement from Rachid Ajaja, CEO of Nuant

Rachid Ajaja, Founder and CEO of Nuant, emphasizes the importance of this milestone, “Joining the Open Wealth Association is a significant step for Nuant. We look forward to contributing our expertise and learning from global financial system leaders. Educating institutional players on digital asset investment risks is crucial for realizing the full potential of this emerging asset class. We’re excited to join forces with industry pioneers to foster innovation and deeper integration of DeFi and web3 in finance.”

Nuant’s Role in Elevating Swiss Financial Services

In partnership with the OpenWealth Association, Nuant is poised to reinforce Switzerland’s leadership in advanced financial services and digital asset risk management.

About Nuant

Nuant revolutionizes risk intelligence and elevates institutional crypto portfolio management. Central to its offerings is the Portfolio Management System (PMS), providing comprehensive insights into portfolio compositions and performance. Integrating the Nuant Quantitative System (NQS) for advanced strategy simulation, Nuant bridges traditional finance principles with the DeFi landscape’s nuances. As a strategic partner for institutional professionals, Nuant remains committed to delivering clarity and resilience in investment decisions.