Nikolaos Akkizidis Appointed as Strategic Consultant at Legacy FX

Legacy FX, the Cyprus based CySEC regulated forex trading service provider has announced the addition of yet another executive to its team in less than a month. As per the update, the firm has hired Mr. Nikolaos Akkizidis to serve as a part of its compliance management team. The update is a bit delayed and was first made public via changes made to Mr. Akkizidis’s LinkedIn account. As per information in his profile, Mr. Akkizidis began his term at the firm in September this year and his official title is Compliance Officer and Strategic Consultant. The move to add new executive to its compliance team comes admist the ongoing state of flux experienced in regulatory field this year which made the firm decide to bolster its compliance needs by acting proactively and being predictive.

akkizidis nikolaos

The firm is of the belief that moving forward; compliance will be increasingly focused on the appropriate ways to provide information, services and tools to customers and less on punishment procedures and has since opted to go with a new approach in regards to compliance management. In line with its beliefs, the firm has hired Nikolaos – a veteran with more than two decades of experience in financial service industry who is a strategic thinker with clear understanding of economic and financial concepts and ability to deal with puzzling issues to cater to its requirements for new approach to compliance management needs. Prior to his current role as Compliance officer at CySEC regulated broker, Nikolaos served as independent investment strategist and author of book which detailed his investigation on how the changing economic and market environments impacts a business, risk management and investment returns.

In his new role, the firm expects to leverage on Nikolaos experience to combine compliance procedures with the strategies on investment and trading positions. He is also expected to promote effective risk money management methods by focusing on importance of clear trading rules. The firm hopes that this approach will help its clients remain protected while providing them with an ability to improve their portfolios when using Legacy FX’s trading platform. Nikolaos will be working alongside the firm’s compliance team to ensure its efforts to fit compliance functions with the firm’s strategic and leadership picture becomes a reality. The firm is of strong belief that as advanced compliance function will allow it to achieve measurable, positive value in decision making process as it can be combined with multiple areas in the financial firms.