NiceNash Celebrates 1o Years with First Conference in Maribor

Join NiceHash as it commemorates a decade of crypto innovation with its first Bitcoin-focused conference in Maribor, showcasing a journey of growth, resilience, and significant contributions to the cryptocurrency mining sector.

NiceHash, a name in the Bitcoin mining sector, is set to mark its 10th anniversary by organizing its inaugural NiceHashX conference. The event, dedicated to Bitcoin and its community, will take place on November 8-9 in Maribor, Slovenia, the birthplace and headquarters of NiceHash.

As it approaches its ten-year milestone on April 8, NiceHash looks back on a decade filled with significant achievements and steady growth. The company’s upcoming NiceHashX conference in Maribor will not only highlight its own success but also celebrate the resilience and innovation within the crypto industry, featuring prominent speakers and businesses that embrace BTC in their operations. The conference aims to spotlight Maribor as a key yet underrated gateway to the European cryptocurrency market.

CEO Vladimir Hozjan expressed excitement about the event: “Hosting the Bitcoin-focused NiceHashX conference in Maribor is our way of honoring our 10-year journey, the hurdles we’ve cleared, and our industry contributions. We’re eager to unite experts from both local and international spheres to delve into the future prospects of Bitcoin.”

Started by two Slovenian university students in 2014, NiceHash has established itself as a distinct player in the Bitcoin mining industry, boasting the largest hashpower marketplace globally with over 1.2 million daily miners. This achievement is particularly notable as it was reached without venture capital, showcasing the team’s commitment and creativity.

Over the past decade, NiceHash has played a pivotal role in promoting Bitcoin adoption, affecting over 6.5 million individuals globally. It offers a robust ecosystem for mining and BTC payment services, including the pioneering launch of the world’s first automated, instant Lightning Network payouts for miners in 2024. This feature, supporting the Layer-2 payments network since 2020, allows for streamlined and efficient mining payouts directly to an external LN address.

About NiceHash

Originating in Slovenia in 2014, NiceHash has grown to become the largest hashpower marketplace worldwide, contributing significantly to Bitcoin adoption. With a comprehensive suite of mining and Bitcoin payment solutions, including the introduction of the first automated Lightning Network payouts for miners, NiceHash continues to innovate and support the crypto community.