MYPINPAD Granted Visa Ready Certification

Visa has granted Visa Ready certification for MYPINPAD, a personal authentication solution provider and the only company in the world to have obtained PCI accreditation for software PIN entry on Android and iOS devices, according to a press release.

Visa has granted Visa Ready certification for MYPINPAD’s Tap to Phone mPOS solution, with optional PIN capture for Android devices running Android version 8 and higher. This means that MYPINPAD’s Tap to Phone solution with PIN is now available to all interested Visa acquirers where PIN authentication is required.

By transforming mobile devices into payment acceptance devices, MYPINPAD’s solution democratises payment card acceptance and enables merchants to innovate and design their omni channel experiences via the company’s PCI approved payments and authentication platform. According to the press-release, the company’s vision is to replace dedicated payments hardware entirely with software allowing a single, unified experience that will unlock unparalleled possibilities in omnichannel experiences, enabling a world where card present transactions are available over all channels.

Justin Pike, Founder of MYPINPAD commented: “The Visa Ready certification enables a truly software-based acceptance solution without limits and puts us one step closer to achieving a ubiquitous solution for secure omnichannel payments. Increasingly, there is a blurring of the lines between the digital and offline worlds, so meeting the Visa standard for Tap to Phone mPOS with optional PIN capture is a vital step in removing legacy payments hardware. Looking to the future enables the creation of a seamless payment experience for consumers that can be the same across all channels.”

MYPINPAD is also first in the world to achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC) certification for its software only Contactless Payments on Commercial off-the-shelf (CPoC) solution.

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