Moomoo launches expands offering in Japan and Australia

Moomoo launches expands offering in Japan and Australia – FinanceFeeds

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Moomoo has launched Australia Securities Exchange-listed stocks in Australia and Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed socks in Japan.

Moomoo, the Nasdaq-listed brokerage, is expanding its product offerings in Australia and Japan, by introducing CHESS-sponsored trades in Australia and Japanese stock trading services in Japan.

The retail broker keeps enhancing its operations across the Asia Pacific. Prior to this move in Australia and Japan, Moomoo launched its super app in Malaysia, positioning itself among the first global digital brokerages to receive the Capital Market Services License from the Securities Commission Malaysia, enabling it to offer securities and derivatives trading services.

Moomoo Australia now directly linked to ASX

In Australia, moomoo has initiated CHESS-sponsored trades, enabling Australian investors to directly access and own shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) with minimal trading fees starting from AUD $3 per trade.

CHESS, the Clearing House Electronic Subregister System used by the ASX, provides a secure method of managing shareholdings and transactions. Moomoo’s integration with CHESS sponsors adds an extra layer of security for client assets, in addition to existing measures like client funds segregation and SIPC insurance for US assets.

Moomoo’s offering in Australia includes access to over 22,000 shares and ETFs across Australia, the US, and Hong Kong markets, along with competitive trading fees and a suite of professional-level features and tools. The platform also offers AI-powered capabilities, access to global news, and free investment courses, aiming to cater to investors across all levels.

Moomoo Japan now directly linked to TSE

In Japan, moomoo introduced trading services for over 4,000 stocks, ETFs, ETNs, REITs, and other securities listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This expansion follows the successful launch of US stock trading in Japan.

Moomoo Japan offers competitive trading fees, including zero commission transactions for Japanese stocks through NISA and regular accounts, and provides access to Morningstar’s research reports and analysis. The platform also features advanced investment tools and AI technology to assist investors in making informed decisions.

Moomoo’s global community platform and investment courses further support investors’ growth and learning. The platform’s recognition in the industry, including awards for its technology and services, underscores its impact on the trading landscape.

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