Masa’s Milestones Before Mainnet Launch

Since its launch in August 2022, Masa, the premier decentralized network for personal data, has experienced rapid growth, securing over 1.2 million unique wallets and accumulating more than 23 million data points. Despite a bear market, the network has attracted over 40,000 node operators to its testnet within just 18 months.

This growth highlights the strong demand for data autonomy, positioning Masa as a leader in the Web3 space as it approaches its mainnet launch. With endorsements from over 70 top Web3 businesses, including Polygon and zkSync, Masa’s innovative approach is reshaping data control.

In an era where big tech monopolizes personal data, from web activity to social media interactions, Masa champions user privacy. It introduces Zero-Knowledge Soulbound Tokens (zkSBTs) to encrypt and privately store personal data, ensuring users’ digital footprints remain confidential.

Masa has announced a public token sale on CoinList, set for March 7, 2024, underscoring its commitment to community engagement. Over 300,000 individuals have shown interest in the Masa token airdrop, reflecting the growing enthusiasm for data and AI-focused projects.

Masa’s platform not only allows users to manage their data but also to monetize it through passive rewards in MASA tokens. This positions Masa at the forefront of the AI revolution, providing secure, privacy-first personal data to fuel AI development and a range of other applications, all powered by its groundbreaking zkSBTs technology.

Masa Co-founder Calanthia Mei said, “In the age of AI, our personal data is mined and resold by tech companies every day to train AI models and AI agents. Everyone deserves to own and earn from their data. Masa’s invention of zkSBT finally makes this dream a reality: in a little over a year, Masa Network rapidly amassed 1.2 million user wallets, who contributed over 23 million proprietary data points. Our CoinList debut is giving limelight to our vision: shifting the power of data back to users.

Masa has successfully raised $5.4 million in seed funding from prominent investors including Anagram, Avalanche Blizzard Fund, Digital Currency Group, and GoldenTree, among others. This significant financial backing underscores the potential and trust in Masa’s vision within the Web3 space.

The company has already attracted over 70 leading Web3 businesses as early adopters of its products, showcasing a strong initial market penetration. Notable adopters include Polygon, zkSync, QuickSwap, Injective, and Celo, indicating Masa’s appeal across a diverse range of blockchain ecosystems. Furthermore, Masa’s upcoming token launch is highly anticipated, with over 300,000 users eligible for the Masa Airdrop, demonstrating significant community interest and support for the platform’s future developments.