Masa Unveils Revolutionary AI Data Network and Marketplace, Rewarding Users for AI Training Contributions

Masa’s innovative launch empowers over 1.4 million users to monetize 40 million anonymized data points through the Masa Network, earning valuable rewards.

– Utilizing Masa’s authentic, real-time data, developers can forge hyper-personalized AI technologies, including bespoke AI agents and assistants.

– The platform grants developers simplified access to a collection of decentralized Large Language Models (LLMs), streamlining the AI development process without the hassle of managing complex hosting solutions.

– Officially introduced, Masa Network stands at the forefront of decentralized AI and LLM ecosystems, pioneering the AI Data Network and Marketplace mainnet. This advancement offers users unparalleled sovereignty over their digital identities, compensating them for contributing to AI training. The Masa Network welcomes every internet participant to become an anonymized data donor and node contributor, incentivizing them with token rewards for their data and computing resources shared with AI creators.

To date, the Masa Network boasts participation from over 1.4 million users who have contributed 40 million data points. The platform ensures users’ absolute authority over their data, guaranteeing privacy and encryption via the innovative Zero-Knowledge Soulbound Tokens (zkSBT).

Contributors to the Masa ecosystem can leverage their data and computing resources in multiple ways, including the Masa App, Masa Chrome Browser Extension, and Masa Oracle, or simply by engaging with Masa’s vast Partner Ecosystem, to earn. Participants accumulate data “points,” exchangeable in the Masa Data Marketplace for token rewards.

For AI developers, Masa delivers exclusive access to high-quality, authenticated personal data instantaneously, facilitating the creation of “specialized” over “generalized” AI models. This enables the crafting of uniquely personalized AI agents and assistants. Beyond its decentralized data network, Masa equips developers with a selection of decentralized LLMs, negating the complexity of traditional model hosting.

Masa’s Co-founder, Calanthia Mei, shared :“The debut of the Masa AI Data Network and MASA token marks just the commencement of our journey. Our goal is to revolutionize AI by allowing users to profit from fueling the AI economy. We aim for a future where billions of contributors are enhancing AI development with their data and compute power. While initially propelled by Web3, our collaborations span across Web2 AI developers and institutions, underlining our commitment to reshaping the AI landscape”.

The MASA token has been activated across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, as well as the Masa Network’s dedicated Avalanche Subnet, and is now listed on prominent centralized exchanges such as Bybit and Kucoin. In celebration of its mainnet debut and token listing, Masa is distributing 25,000,000 MASA tokens for trading competitions and AI data farming initiatives, alongside allocating 6,666,666 MASA tokens to encourage data sharing within the AI Data Marketplace.

MASA has quickly become one of 2024’s most eagerly awaited AI tokens, demonstrated by its unprecedented, sixfold oversubscribed Coinlist Community Sale, concluding in a swift 17 minutes and amassing $8.75 million. Masa’s unique position as the sole AI venture on CoinList’s Launchpad in 2024 underscores its exceptional promise.

About Masa

As the premier Decentralized AI Data and LLM Network, Masa empowers users to own, share, and monetize their data and computing power for AI advancements. With a growing community of over 1.4 million unique users, 48,000 node operators, and 40 million exclusive data points, Masa is at the AI revolution’s vanguard.

Masa has secured $18 million from top investors, including Digital Currency Group and Anagram, and triumphantly completed a record-breaking CoinList Sale on March 7, 2024, raising $8.75 million in MASA tokens. As a distinguished Binance MVB Accelerator Season 6 graduate, Masa is also participating in the Hashkey AI Accelerator, further cementing its status in the AI innovation sphere.

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