MahiMarkets launches solution for smaller A-book and B-book brokers

Starting at a monthly fee of $15,000, MFXTradeHaven presents a cost-effective solution for brokers.

MahiMarkets, a leader in financial technology solutions, has announced the launch of MFXTradeHaven, a new trading solution targeting smaller A-book and B-book brokers.

This platform aims to address the various challenges faced by these brokers, such as commission pressures, volatile cash flows, and high costs associated with connectivity and hedging.

MFXTradeHaven starts at a monthly fee of $15,000

MFXTradeHaven is designed for brokers handling monthly volumes below approximately $5 billion. It offers a range of features, including optimized flow management using advanced technology, cost-effective hedging through a specially crafted dark pool, and a comprehensive multi-tenant trading package.

This package encompasses pricing, execution, risk management, and bridging technology in a unified solution. Additionally, it provides revenue-boosting strategies and robust protection measures.

The platform’s benefits extend to risk management through intelligent hedging and advanced bridging technology with ultra-low latency connectivity. Starting at a monthly fee of $15,000, MFXTradeHaven presents a cost-effective solution for brokers.

Susan Cooney, Co-founder and Co-CEO of MahiMarkets, highlighted the importance of this platform in helping retail brokers keep up with the increasing sophistication of retail users, the significance of dark pools in the institutional space, and the value they now bring to retail brokers.

MahiMarkets, established in 2010, has a history of providing innovative technology solutions for market participants. This includes their product suite, which features sophisticated signal-driven software for crafting rates, managing risk, and driving profitability while lowering costs.

MFX Radar, a white-label Options trading solution for brokers

In June 2023, MahiMarkets introduced MFX Radar, a white-label Options product. MFX Radar offers brokers a customizable platform for managing Options businesses, with features like personalized expiries, strikes, and a booking and life-cycling system.

The newly launched white label product also provides clients with the opportunity to offer options on popular assets such as FX, crypto, gold, and S&P500 in a user-friendly and engaging manner. The platform boasts a simplified interface that can be customized with the broker’s brand colors and logo, enhancing the branding experience.

One of the key features of MFX Radar is its booking and life-cycling system, which empowers brokers to manage trades, orders, and portfolios. The platform’s risk visualization feature consolidates crucial information, allowing brokers to monitor clients and hedging trades/orders. They also can track portfolio positions (including hedging, client, and net positions), and assess portfolio risk metrics, providing a centralized overview.