Luganodes joins forces with Stacks Layer to enhance Bitcoin L2 and offer rewards

Luganodes, a prominent blockchain infrastructure provider, has announced its latest venture in supporting the Stacks Layer, a move that promises to bolster the leading Bitcoin Layer 2 (L2) and streamline the process for users to earn native BTC rewards.

This initiative is part of Luganodes’ ongoing strategy to expand its offerings and further cement its position in the blockchain industry.

The integration with the Stacks Layer is poised to unlock new potentials for Bitcoin in the decentralized finance space. Luganodes aims to facilitate faster and more cost-effective transactions on Bitcoin’s Layer 2 networks while maintaining the security benefits of the primary coin’s underlying technology. This endeavor is particularly timely, as the blockchain landscape is continuously evolving, and the demand for efficient and secure transaction methods is growing.

Luganodes’ role in the Stacks ecosystem will be further strengthened with the upcoming Nakamoto and sBTC upgrades. These upgrades are expected to introduce improved transaction speeds, transactions backed by complete Bitcoin finality, and seamless integration of the sBTC asset. Luganodes is preparing to offer institutional-grade, non-custodial ‘Stacking’ options for institutions, thereby contributing to the strength and diversity of the Stacks network.

A key aspect of Luganodes’ involvement with Stacks is its upcoming position as a Signer on the network, starting from day one of the Nakamoto upgrade. As a Signer, Luganodes will be responsible for validating Stacks blocks and processing sBTC transactions. This role is crucial for maintaining the network’s security and decentralization. Luganodes, known for its high-security standards, is expected to play an essential part in facilitating smooth BTC transactions between Layer 1 and Layer 2.

Commenting on the collaboration, Luganodes CEO Anuj Shankar said: “We’re excited to integrate with Stacks, Luganodes envisions sBTC as a cornerstone in the growing Bitcoin economy. As an sBTC Signer and Stacking Node Operator, we’re committed to empowering institutional token holders. Luganodes is proud to play a role in establishing sBTC as a preferred asset for Bitcoin-first applications, offering a user-friendly experience for signers in the Bitcoin L2 ecosystem.” 

Mitchell Cuevas, Interim Executive Director at the Stacks Foundation, added: “There are layers to why Luganodes’ support is meaningful to Bitcoiners. As a Signer they will be part of enabling programmable Bitcoin which in turn enables builders to create new use cases for Bitcoin. That’s exciting on its own, but because of their position in the greater staking ecosystem as well as white label services and institutional roster, they’re opening the door to a host of other key network participants as well. 

In addition to supporting the Stacks network, Luganodes also provides institutional-grade infrastructure and services to the broader blockchain ecosystem. The company is renowned for its high uptime, security, and compliance with key industry standards, including SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and ISO 27001. Those are three different information security standards or regulations. They each have different priorities and criteria, but they are all essentially designed to safeguard customer data.

The alliance between Luganodes and Stacks represents a major step forward in the development of Bitcoin-centric applications and services. It also reflects Luganodes’ ongoing efforts to upgrade the capabilities and reach of Bitcoin in the digital finance realm. Complying with information security standards opens doors for new opportunities by allowing Luganodes to do business with a wider range of clients, organizations, and business partners.