London Capital Group

UK’s London Capital Group Sees Change in Top Level Management

 London Capital GroupUK based financial service and online trading service provider London Capital Group is seeing a change in its team of directors. According to report filed by the company in UK’s companies house, Julian Cohen a non-executive director has left the firm earlier this month. Cohen has been working in London Capital Group Holdings Plc for last four and a half years. While the document filed by the company shows that he has resigned from his post as on 17.04.2019, the document lacked any information on reason Cohen’s resignation from his post. The UK companies house website also doesn’t show any filing hinting at someone else replacing his post of non-executive director.

London Capital Groups Ltd is famous for its CFD offerings and online trading services which covers wide array of financial assets such as Forex, Equities, Metals and Commodities. According to the report filed by the company, Cohen had joined LCG group as private investor on 7th November, 2014 from which he has climbed to his post of direction during his tenure in the company. A look at his profile shows that he has an experience of 15 years in general corporate management and financial investment. But, the highlight of his profile is wide array of skill set gained from cross-sector work experience which has helped shape his ability in technology investment and business growth development area.

Over the course of his extensive work experience, he has worked in wide range of sectors such as mining, defence, information technology services and financial sectors. Prior to joining LCG he has worked as non-executive direction in companies such as Resources Robex – a mining corporation listed in Canada and Germany, Panhard General Defence – a combat vehicle maker and Altergaz – a French natural gas producer. The fact that Cohen is an executive with high cross sector knowledge and experience makes his resignation a major move in online trading service sector. Aside from Cohen’s resignation, headlines from recent past suggests that Eliza Eliadou who is currently working as Chief Compliance Officer in LGC is likely to be appointed as CEO for company’s Cyprus operations.