Lisk Partners with Indonesia’s Communications Ministry to Boost Web3 Startup Ecosystem

Discover the strategic partnership between Lisk and the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics, aimed at propelling local Web3 startups to new heights through comprehensive support and education.

Lisk, a leading Layer 2 platform developed on the OP Stack, has entered into a strategic alliance with the Directorate General of Informatics Applications of the Ministry of Communications & Informatics Technology of Indonesia (DGIA MCIT). This collaboration is set to enhance the Web3 startup landscape in Indonesia significantly.

The DGIA MCIT plays a pivotal role in supervising the nation’s communications and information technology sectors. It spearheads the “1000 Startup Digital Program,” aiming to cultivate digital expertise, foster digital solution development, and establish a strong startup ecosystem throughout Indonesia.

As part of this collaboration, Lisk will offer its platform for development, alongside providing mentorship and initial funding to Web3 startups participating in the 1000 Digital Startup Program.

“Since our inception in 2016, Lisk has been focused on making blockchain technology more accessible. As we progress, emphasizing our role in supporting emerging market builders, particularly through this partnership in Indonesia, presents an exciting opportunity,” said Max Kordek, Lisk’s Founder.

Furthermore, Lisk and the DGIA MCIT are set to deliver educational resources on Web3 technologies, aiming to close the knowledge gap among Indonesian Web3 entrepreneurs. This will include an “Introduction to Blockchain” course, covering essential topics like consensus mechanisms and network structure, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology.

This initiative aligns with the Onchain Foundation’s objectives to bolster the 1000 Startup Digital Program by offering varied support during different development phases. The collaboration underscores Lisk’s dedication to fostering a vibrant Web3 ecosystem within the program through grants, mentorship, community engagement, and promotional activities.

“This partnership represents a forward-thinking approach to innovation, knowledge sharing, and empowerment in blockchain technology. Our goal is to educate and inspire Indonesian entrepreneurs and software developers, equipping them with the necessary skills to leverage blockchain technology effectively,” stated Semuel A. Pangerapan, Director General of Informatics Applications.

This initiative highlights Lisk’s strategic focus on emerging markets and its commitment to supporting builders in these regions. Recognizing the significant potential of blockchain technology to solve local challenges, especially through applications related to real-world assets (RWA), off-chain assets (OCA), and decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN), Lisk is dedicated to providing solutions that meet local needs.

About Lisk

Lisk offers a cost-efficient, scalable, and fast Layer 2 (L2) network, secured by Ethereum. As a foundational project in the Web3 space, Lisk has been striving to make blockchain technology accessible to developers and users worldwide since 2016. Focused on addressing local issues in emerging markets, Lisk emphasizes solutions involving RWAs, OCAs, and DePINs, contributing to the broader Optimism Superchain ecosystem.

About the Directorate General of Informatics Applications (DGIA MCIT)

The DGIA MCIT, an Echelon I Working Unit within the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics, is tasked with developing and implementing informatics application management policies. The Ministry is pivotal in crafting national ICT policies and regulations and fostering ICT development across Indonesia. Positioned in Jakarta, the MCIT was established by enhancing a previous ministry, integrating ICT development and utilization functions to its mandate.