KuSwap’s High-Frequency Trading Marketplace Launches on Horizen EON

Discover the Integration of KuSwap’s NFT Marketplace on Horizen EON.

The integration of KuSwap NFT Marketplace with Horizen EON provides a platform for NFT enthusiasts to engage with digital collectibles. The KuSwap NFT Marketplace promotes the growth of decentralized creativity within the Horizen EON ecosystem. This collaboration introduces a unique opportunity to mint an exclusive Horizen EON custom badge.

Features of KuSwap on Horizen EON

KuSwap’s arrival on Horizen EON brings several benefits to the NFT market:

  • Use of $ZEN: Transactions can be made using $ZEN, Horizen EON’s native currency.
  • Control for Creators: Artists maintain control over their work, including the ability to set their own fees.
  • New Opportunities for Traders: Offers a fresh liquidity source for those interested in NFTs and digital collectibles.

To mark this integration, users are invited to join the evolution of digital creativity on Horizen EON and mint the Horizen EON custom badge, providing early access to future NFT drops and additional rewards.

KuSwap is known for its low-cost AMM services on the KuCoin Community Chain and is now expanding into the NFT marketplace. It features no listing fees, a unique bidding system for auctions, and a verification process for ensuring the authenticity of NFTs, overseen by either the KuSwap Team or its DAO.

Horizen EON is an EVM-compatible smart contract platform that enables developers to create and deploy decentralized applications with ease. Focused on scalability and user experience, it’s part of the Horizen ecosystem, supported by the Zendoo protocol for scalability.