Japanese broker Matsui latest to deploy Broadridge’s SaaS post-trade solution

“Hitherto, we have operated an internally developed system for stock lending transactions, but as our business has grown it has become bloated, making system maintenance a significant burden.”

Matsui Securities Co., Ltd., a leading online securities broker in Japan, has announced its collaboration with global fintech company Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. to enhance its stock lending business through Broadridge’s cloud-based SaaS post-trade processing solution.

The post-trade solution is capable of improving operational efficiency and managing growing system maintenance challenges faced by Matsui Securities due to the expansion of its business. System integrator Intelligent Wave Inc. will play a crucial role in developing the front office component, ensuring seamless system integration, and providing comprehensive project management and consultation services.

Matsui moves from in-house system to Broadridge’s SaaS

Previously, Matsui Securities relied on an internally developed system for its stock lending transactions. However, the system became increasingly cumbersome to maintain as the business scaled. By adopting Broadridge’s globally recognized post-trade processing solution,

Matsui Securities expects to significantly reduce its system maintenance workload and achieve more stable and efficient operational management.

Broadridge is renowned for delivering transformative solutions across the trade lifecycle, focusing on simplification, transformation, and innovation. Its cloud-based SaaS solution will empower Matsui Securities to efficiently process and settle stock lending and borrowing transactions, manage positions, compute collateral requirements, and automatically calculate fees, rebates, and dividends.

Matsui offers FX and stock trading

Matsui Securities, known for its internet-based financial services to retail investors, offers a wide range of products, including Japanese and U.S. stocks, forex, investment trusts, and more. The company is dedicated to supporting customers’ prosperous lives by providing valuable financial products and services.

Intelligent Wave Inc., the chosen system integrator for this project, has a strong presence in the Japanese IT services market, particularly in the finance and securities sector. The company specializes in developing, building, and maintaining high-volume, real-time data processing systems for the financial industry.

Shinichi Uzawa, Managing Director, Corporate Division at Matsui Securities, said: “Hitherto, we have operated an internally developed system for stock lending transactions, but as our business has grown it has become bloated, making system maintenance a significant burden. By adopting Broadridge’s post-trade processing solution with its proven global track record, we expect to reduce our maintenance burden and facilitate a far more stable management with much greater operational efficiency.”

Ian Strudwick, Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific at Broadridge, commented: “We are delighted to work with Matsui Securities and Intelligent Wave to meet their clients’ current and future stock lending needs in Japan. In today’s competitive online securities brokerage market, margin compression means that our clients are looking at new revenue growth opportunities and operating efficiencies. Our modular platform allows them to achieve these goals, quickly and with ease, and provides the flexibility for future expansion of their services locally and globally at scale.”