Israeli broker IBI Investment House taps ViewTrade for access to US markets

“By tapping ViewTrade’s expertise in delivering technology and brokerage solutions that enable access to the global markets, IBI can focus on delivering a range of experiences tailored specifically to the unique needs of Israeli investors.”

IBI Investment House, one of Israel’s leading brokerage firms, has granted clients access to international markets, particularly US markets, through ViewTrade’s NextGen platform.

The partnership introduces a sophisticated retail trading experience, enhancing trade execution for IBI’s trading and wealth management customers with innovative front- and back-end capabilities. Clients will now enjoy fractional share trading, equity options, and the potential to explore additional financial products.

Fractional shares and equity options

The largest among the independent brokerage companies in the country, Israel Brokerage and Investments (IBI LTD) has been a member of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange Clearing House since 1973.

The partnership with ViewTrade is a new milestone for the 51-year-old brokerage. ViewTrade’s NextGen platform offers features like market news, advanced charting, multi-language support, and robust security measures. Providing seamless US market trading experiences has become critical in today’s brokerage industry and the team-up will be able to meet Israeli investors’ specific needs.

ViewTrade empowers global financial services firms with essential technology and brokerage services, supporting over 300 companies worldwide in offering differentiated investment experiences.

Livnat Mizrahi Rinsky, CEO of IBI Investment House, said: “We are excited to be partnering with ViewTrade to utilize their NextGen solutions. By leveraging the capabilities of ViewTrade’s NextGen platform alongside our own technology developed in-house, we can equip our clients with powerful tools such as customizable trading windows and advanced charts and graphs to ensure that they have a seamless trading experience. By tapping ViewTrade’s expertise in delivering technology and brokerage solutions that enable access to the global markets, IBI can focus on delivering a range of experiences tailored specifically to the unique needs of Israeli investors.”

NextGen is ViewTrade’s new white-label investment platform

It was last month that ViewTrade launhed NextGen, its new B2B2C retail trading platform. Developed by its technology subsidiary, the NextGen platform empowers financial institutions globally to offer distinctive investing experiences that complement their current services.

NextGen is designed to streamline the process of offering a comprehensive portfolio of financial services to retail customers, significantly reducing both time to market and associated costs. The platform boasts a modern technology stack that ensures seamless integration with brokers, custodians, and third-party technologies. It is especially suited for entities seeking a white-labeled investment platform, such as banks, brokerage firms, and financial advisors, among others.

The introduction of NextGen, coupled with enhancements to ViewTrade’s premier advisor solution, OneView, marks a significant advancement in wealth management, retail brokerage, and related sectors. NextGen serves as a comprehensive solution for firms looking to launch or expand their retail investing and wealth management services, featuring customizable investing experiences, advanced trading interfaces, multilingual support, and robust security measures.

With NextGen, ViewTrade’s clients can offer their retail customers:

  • A white-labeled investing experience, fully customizable both visually and functionally, available as a mobile- and desktop-ready responsive web app in addition to native iOS and Android applications
  • A modern interface for trading stocks, options (including complex, multi-leg strategies), ETFs, mutual funds, UCITS, fixed income and more
  • Multiple languages, including complete support and top-to-bottom UI localization for right-to-left (RTL) languages
    Market news and watchlists
  • Historical performance/trading history
  • Simplified deposits/withdrawals
  • Advanced charting, screeners and technical tools
  • Robust security and data encryption measures

Beyond NextGen, ViewTrade plans continued enhancements to OneView, including:

  • Support for a broader range of fixed income use cases and transaction types
  • Additional cross-border mutual fund capabilities
  • Expanded access to international markets
  • Additional software deployment options, including on-premises and cloud-hosted

As to ViewTrade’s 2024 product roadmap, the document highlights expanded support across various asset classes, including fixed income, options, mutual funds, ETFs, and a broader reach into global markets. ViewTrade plans to further enhance OneView by broadening its fixed income capabilities, extending mutual fund offerings across borders, and increasing access to international markets. These efforts underscore ViewTrade’s commitment to reducing the complexity of digital finance and offering end-to-end technology solutions that span the entire investment lifecycle.

The partnership with IBI Investment House comes on the heels of ViewTrade’s recent appointments of Laksh Gangwani as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), APAC and Middle East, and Ronit Kar as Head of International Growth.