IPC adds market data from European derivatives exchange to its multi-asset connectivity solution

Through IPC’s Connexus Extranet, customers can now access a broad range of market data across various asset classes such as Fixed Income, Equities, Equity Indices, ETF/ETCs, FX, and Crypto.

IPC has recently expanded its market data coverage by adding a European derivatives exchange to its portfolio of connected exchanges and trading venues.

This enhancement marks a significant development for the leading provider of electronic trading, trading communications, and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions as it further expands across the European continent.

Fixed Income, Equities, Equity Indices, ETF/ETCs, FX, and Crypto

Through IPC’s Connexus Extranet, customers can now access a broad range of market data across various asset classes such as Fixed Income, Equities, Equity Indices, ETF/ETCs, FX, and Crypto.

This expansion is particularly beneficial for firms that require ultra-low latency data delivery and distribution, such as market makers, high-frequency trading firms, and quant and program trading firms.

These firms can also take advantage of data server co-location within IPC’s Equinix FR2 data center facilities. Additionally, businesses located in major financial data centers globally can access this market data through IPC’s extensive connectivity and colocation ecosystem​​.

Multiple liquidity venues through a single API

IPC’s approach simplifies global financial markets connectivity and standardizes multi-source market data access. Customers can access data from multiple liquidity venues through a single API, incurring minimal incremental charges and eliminating the need to manage various Exchange Mandated Changes. Moreover, IPC’s network facilitates swift on-net connectivity to global exchanges, subject to exchange and trading venue approvals​​.

IPC’s electronic trading network connects over 75 exchanges and trading venues with more than 7,000 capital market participants and 200,000 individuals in 60 countries. The Connexus Extranet, engineered to support electronic trading, enhances interconnectivity and communication among capital market participants, application vendors, liquidity venues, and content providers. This is achieved via a single API connection, streamlining communications, transactions, and the distribution of market data and information​​.

John Owens, the Director of Global Exchange Relationship Management at IPC Systems, explained that this expansion brings significant cost savings and faster time to market for IPC customers. “Through a single connection, firms can connect directly with more than 75 global exchanges and trading venues and hundreds of trading counterparties within our secure, compliant, and fully managed service. Alongside data management workflow efficiencies, trading participants further benefit from reducing both capital expenditures (CapEx) and operational expenditures (OpEx).”

This development follows IPC’s recent partnership with Celoxica to offer a low latency, normalized multi-venue, and asset market data service through a single API. This service can be provided in fully hosted CoLo or customer-specified data center locations​​.

IPC, with its long history of over 50 years in powering global financial markets, continues to be at the forefront of electronic trading connectivity and advanced cloud communications. Their customer-first approach, combined with a diverse financial ecosystem, positions IPC effectively to adapt to the rapidly evolving markets​​.

IPC integrated CryptoStruct into Connexus Crypto

In July, IPC Systems and CryptoStruct joined forces to offer enterprise-grade data to IPC’s Connexus Crypto ecosystem. CryptoStruct is a major low latency cryptocurrency market data and trading solutions firm that provides an all-in-one solution covering data from global crypto exchanges and comprehensive tick histories nano-second time-stamped in colocation for all supported markets.

The integration with Connexus Crypto gives further choice by enabling customers to receive data not only in the cloud but also via the low-latency backbone infrastructure from IPC with access points all over the world. IPC launched Connexus Crypto in November 2021 as its flagship solution for cryptocurrency trading, supporting complex trading strategies and mitigating risk.

Connexus Crypto connects more than 7,000 global market participants who buy and sell cryptocurrency simultaneously in different markets with low latency connectivity and instant access to the liquidity of several global crypto exchanges.