’s Partnership with KREA Enhances GPU Computing for Creatives. teams up with AI design platform KREA, leveraging GPU computing to enhance creative processes for users.

Decentralized computing service provider has forged a partnership with AI-driven design platform KREA, aiming to bolster computational capabilities for KREA users. Notable clients of KREA include industry giants such as Nike, Apple, FC Barcelona, Publicis Group, and Meta.

KREA’s design platform, renowned in the generative art domain, empowers users to create AI-generated images and videos in real-time. Leveraging over 2,500 advanced ML models, KREA serves as a crucial tool for creatives across leading design agencies and global brands. Like many AI ventures, KREA has grappled with the scarcity of GPUs required for computation.

Through its collaboration with, KREA gains access to clusters of NVIDIA A100-80Gs deployed on Kubernetes, a preferred framework among ML engineers. With providing the necessary computational power for processing high-quality multimedia content, KREA can scale swiftly and accommodate the substantial volume of inferences demanded by its network.

This partnership underscores’s capability in delivering GPU computing at competitive rates, ensuring that platforms remain competitive in the AI landscape. With’s GPU suppliers offering access to clusters of NVIDIA A100-80GB at $0.89 per hour, approximately 70% lower than the average market rate, KREA can mitigate cost concerns while accelerating innovation.

Since its inception, has assembled a decentralized network comprising over 300,000 distributed GPU suppliers spanning 139 countries worldwide. This makes the largest Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) for AI, encompassing independent data centers, crypto mining farms, and individual consumers. By furnishing cost-effective and scalable compute solutions, effectively competes with traditional cloud providers while fostering AI advancement.

Through the integration of GPU providers and consumers, establishes a two-sided network for computing, optimizing the utilization of idle computing resources and enabling GPU owners like crypto miners to maximize revenue.’s ultimate objective is to establish a network encompassing one million GPUs, facilitating on-demand completion of AI/ML computational tasks for its clients.

KREA is an AI-driven design tool that enables effortless generation of images and videos. Utilizing cutting-edge AI research, KREA offers a plethora of creative possibilities with over 2,500 AI models. Features include AI training, smart object removal, stable diffusion XL, dark mode, KREA feed, enhanced image variations, and community AI training. is a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) facilitating on-demand deployment and management of GPU clusters from geographically distributed sources. With hundreds of thousands of accessible GPUs, creates an Internet of GPUs designed for low latency, high processing demand applications such as AI/ML ops and cloud gaming. democratizes GPU compute capacity, reducing costs, expediting lead times, and expanding options for engineers and businesses.