Introducing Somnia’s Advanced Blockchain for the Metaverse

Step into the new phase of digital realms with Somnia’s L1 blockchain and omnichain protocols, designed to link various virtual experiences and improve content creation.

Somnia Rolls Out L1 Blockchain and Omnichain Protocols to Enhance Connectivity and Support Creators in the Metaverse.

The Virtual Society Foundation (VSF) proudly announces the introduction of the Somnia project, a breakthrough L1 blockchain coupled with a series of omnichain protocols. This technology aims to weave the metaverse into a cohesive virtual ecosystem capable of hosting millions of simultaneous user experiences.

Today’s blockchain solutions fall short in handling the sheer volume of transactions required for a fully operational virtual society, both in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the fragmented nature of the metaverse has impeded collaboration between users and creators, with the majority of value accruing to platform owners rather than the creative community.

Originating from the independent Virtual Society Foundation, initiated by Improbable, the evm-based Somnia Blockchain is finely tuned for the metaverse. Preliminary tests have demonstrated its capacity for hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, achieving sub-second transaction completion times. Somnia offers a versatile protocol enabling creators to craft immersive worlds and facilitate the smooth integration of assets, commerce, and avatars across varied experiences. This effort is bolstered by insights and technological advancements from leading industry partners, including Improbable and their MSquared Origin project.

Somnia’s protocols are set to revolutionize NFT collections by allowing them to be enhanced and converted into interoperable 3D objects, making them suitable for metaverse applications and thereby augmenting their inherent value. These protocols are strategically positioned to secure a substantial portion of the total value locked (TVL) within the blockchain gaming, metaverse, and NFT industries, which are currently on the verge of surpassing a $100 billion valuation and expected to experience significant growth.

Paul Thomas, the visionary behind Somnia, highlighted the project’s pivotal role in advancing both the metaverse and blockchain technology. While most blockchains excel in financial applications, their inability to scale has hindered the expansion of social and creative platforms. Thomas envisions the Somnia protocols as a catalyst for a connected and modular metaverse, fostering unprecedented community collaboration.

The debut of Somnia signals the dawn of a vibrant creator economy, establishing a network that motivates contributors to engage in cooperative content development and remixing. It promises a universal marketplace for avatars and objects, distributing value equitably among all ecosystem stakeholders and championing a participatory culture. This marks the beginning of an authentic virtual society where a thriving creator economy can flourish.

Soon, Somnia will launch its Betanet protocol, integrating with MSquared’s Origin experience engine to facilitate large-scale events spanning music, sports, and gaming. In collaboration with Avaturn, Somnia will enable the creation of interoperable avatars, enhancing user identity within the metaverse and enabling the exploration of expansive events and immersive experiences. Notable projects include large-scale metaverse events orchestrated by Improbable and Msquared, such as an official virtual ballpark in partnership with MLB and a Kpop album release event with TWICE.