Introducing Instant Card Top-Ups for the US Fiat Wallet

Discover the convenience of instant card top-ups for your US Fiat Wallet on Learn how to effortlessly fund your wallet and enjoy seamless crypto trading. announcing a new feature for US users of the App: the ability to fund their Fiat Wallet with a US bank-issued debit card. This makes the first in the US crypto market to offer this functionality. 

You can now easily transfer funds from your debit card anytime and anywhere, with instant transfers that make trading crypto more convenient and efficient. 

Funding your wallet is straightforward. Once your Fiat Wallet is set up, you can choose to fund it with your US bank-issued debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Existing funding methods like ACH, wire transfers, and direct deposits (payroll deposits) are also available. Learn more about transferring funds into your Fiat Wallet using cards.

The Fiat Wallet allows you to take advantage of various features in the App, including trading your favorite crypto. Additionally, you can fund Derivatives positions, like UpDowns and Strikes Options, enabling potential profits from crypto price movements without owning the asset.

If you haven’t set up your Fiat Wallet yet, go to Accounts from the navigation bar, select Fiat Wallet, and set up a new currency.

For more information about our Fiat Wallet, visit the FAQ.