INTMAX’s Solution to Scale Ethereum with Stateless Layer

 INTMAX has launched Plasma Next on the mainnet α, a groundbreaking Layer 2 zkRollup, revealed by co-founder Leona Hioki at ETH Denver. This innovation offers scalability with constant costs per block, merging Plasma’s scalability goals with zkRollups’ security.

Plasma Next, developed by INTMAX, introduces a major innovation in blockchain scalability by employing a stateless architecture, a concept long pursued within the blockchain community. By adopting the core principles of the Plasma framework, Plasma Next manages to scale efficiently with a consistent cost per block, irrespective of user numbers, thus achieving the scalability that Plasma originally sought without sacrificing security.

INTMAX Co-founder Leona Hioki said, “INTMAX goes beyond just presenting theoretical or conceptual papers. It includes the release of code and the network as well. Made available under an open-source license, it allows anyone to fork the code and launch the network.”

This solution marks a significant shift in blockchain technology, focusing on bulk-token-transfer, Merkle Trees, and ZKP-TLC for conditional payments to maintain constant state growth per block. Plasma Next’s stateless architecture, though deemed challenging by a16z researchers due to the minimal, constant-size state required for validators, demonstrates a practical approach to scalability and security.

Despite the skepticism around achieving a completely stateless blockchain, Plasma Next addresses these challenges by allowing users to manage their own data, simplifying the user experience and reducing the storage burden on validators. This advancement builds upon the Plasma concept introduced by Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Poon in 2017, aimed at elevating Ethereum’s transaction capacity to Visa levels by offloading most data and computation off-chain.

Plasma’s initial limitations, including the lengthy challenge period for withdrawals and the necessity for users to monitor the Plasma chain constantly, led to the evolution towards Rollups. Plasma Next bridges the gap between Plasma and Rollups, incorporating zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to enhance transaction privacy and security while eliminating the need for constant online presence and individual liquidity provisions.

INTMAX presents Plasma Next as a scalable, secure, and user-friendly platform designed for widespread adoption. This Layer 2 zkRollup solution leverages stateless architecture to facilitate instant, secure, and cost-effective crypto transactions, setting a new standard for blockchain applications and services.