Interview: Stanislav Bunimovich on Finalto’s white label solution

To explore what makes Finalto’s white-label solutions stand out in such an incredibly competitive market, Finalto sat down with its Chief Operating Officer, Stanislav Bunimovich, for an interview. 

Finalto Group has been on a roll. Ever since changing hands in 2022, the company has enhanced its product offering and its connectivity across the globe, with expansions into data centers in New York, Singapore, as well as Tokyo.

Additionally, the fintech and liquidity provider launched a Prime of Prime offering on LSEG’s matching venue and an ODP liquidity solution in South Africa.

With such an advanced network and infrastructure already in place, Finalto has devoted renewed attention to its white-labeled brokerage solutions.

Finalto’s white-label brokerage solution under the hood

Finalto’s white-label solution features the ability to set up price feeds, margin controls, commission groups, trade routing, and risk settings. The system’s flexibility offers a wide range of options to support end clients, and its risk management capabilities allow partners to review their real-time risk against Finalto and their underlying clients.

The ease of setting up new client accounts and running daily reports and the access to a bespoke front-end trading platform available via Windows PC, web-based interfaces, and mobile apps for both iOS and Android, are other critical features of the white label brokerage solution offered by Finalto.

To explore what makes Finalto’s white-label solutions stand out in such an incredibly competitive market, Finalto sat down with its Chief Operating Officer, Stanislav Bunimovich, for an interview.

How do Finalto’s current white-label solutions stand out in the competitive market? What makes using white-labeled products with Finalto a unique experience?

As our industry peers will know, the brokerage and liquidity spaces are incredibly fast-moving; always innovating and moving forward. Building a reputation that has staying power for your clients is a task that takes unwavering dedication, meticulous planning and bold strategic choices. The journey that Finalto has undertaken as it has built its award-winning technology stack from the ground up is something that has given us a wealth of competitive advantages, invaluable experience, and an incredible depth of expertise.

Foundationally, our liquidity and market-making capabilities are very strong. With access to our liquidity systems and connections, brokers are competitively equipped even as the industry propels itself forward. Our technology infrastructure is engineered to create seamless scalability on the front end without incurring exorbitant costs of in-house development. Our trading platforms cater to both institutional and retail clients, boasting powerful financial technology; comprehensive charting tools, news feeds, and sentiment analysis – all seamlessly integrated into a great user experience.

Additionally, the exceptionally high quality of our customer flow analytics are the result of collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships within the banking sector. Coupled with our data analytics facilities allow us to provide data that is on a par with leading investment banks, enabling us to share valuable and dynamic insights with our clients. We aren’t done making great connections and partnerships for our business either. Recently, we announced a strategic partnership with Solace, aimed at enhancing our technological capabilities even further.

All of this works together to truly distinguish the white-label offering we provide. Our clients inherit the years of experience and effort we have invested in technology, liquidity, and infrastructure. This allows them to focus on their core business, whilst being secure in the knowledge that critical aspects such as platforms, technology, and liquidity are expertly managed by Finalto in the background.

How customizable are Finalto’s white-label solutions for different client needs, and what are the key flexible features that you offer?

Our white-label solutions are API-based, ensuring seamless integration with clients’ existing systems. Designed to be platform-agnostic, our system can accommodate various trading platforms, offering flexibility at its core. Its foundational components—trading systems, FIX API connectivity, back-office functionalities, and reporting—are all accessible via API, facilitating smooth interactions.

Moreover, our platform is highly adaptable to clients’ branding requirements. With swift and easy skinning capabilities, clients can align the platform’s appearance precisely with their brand aesthetics, including color schemes and branding elements. Integration with clients’ systems is seamless, allowing for effortless account creation through simple API calls.

Clients requiring particular pricing configuration options have access to the creation of multiple pricing, commission, and markup profiles tailored to their specific business needs. This flexibility ensures that our solution caters to a diverse range of client requirements.

How easy is it to integrate Finalto white-label solutions into existing systems?

Our processes are highly efficient and seamlessly integrated. With comprehensive documentation and a team of expert support and technical staff available 24/5, we ensure any queries or issues are promptly addressed.

We operate in close collaboration with our partners, giving them the freedom and customisability to take control in steering their business direction. Our role is to provide guidance and support without standing in the way of our client’s vision; Finalto white-labelling is all about providing a platform that can easily slot in with the client’s existing technology while also being flexible enough to align with their business objectives.

What kind of support and training does Finalto offer to clients implementing your white-label solutions? How does Finalto help with onboarding?

Our support is tailored to the client’s preferences. Despite our exhaustive documentation, we are more than willing to dedicate as much time as necessary to delve into every detail, providing thorough training and guidance throughout the journey. It’s worth noting that our support isn’t limited to onboarding; throughout the client’s lifetime with Finalto our team remains available to address any matter, communicate new features, or aid in platform migrations from other providers.

Staying attuned to the feedback and suggestions from our clients and partners is paramount to us. It serves as a catalyst for constant improvement of our offerings, as we recognize the value in continuously learning from our clients. This fosters a culture of curiosity and attentiveness towards our clients’ needs and requests, ensuring that we evolve in tandem with their requirements.

How does Finalto ensure the security and regulatory compliance of its white-label solutions, especially in different geographical markets?

Finalto is a multinational business with a global presence. We provide services in established jurisdictions such as the UK, Australia, Cyprus, and Singapore, and adhere to stringent regulatory and security standards. We take immense pride in our proactive approach to regulatory compliance, spanning reporting, uptime, maintenance, and market abuse detection.

Our trading systems are housed in world-renowned data centers in LD4 (London), NY4 (New York), SG3 (Singapore) and with a presence in TY3 (Tokyo), ensuring top-tier security for trading, data, pricing, and access. These facilities are not only overseen by their respective teams but are also meticulously maintained by our experts, guaranteeing the highest standards of security as per industry requirements.

What are the upcoming innovations or developments we can expect in Finalto’s white-label solutions?

Our most recent development involves enhancing our system with cutting-edge architecture, incorporating elements directly into hardware rather than relying solely on software. This advancement enables our partners to maintain a competitive edge by offering a more comprehensive pricing stack, swiftly adapting to client behavior, and detecting abusive patterns in near real-time.

We view this investment as strategic and are already witnessing the initial benefits of our engineers’ hard work. It positions us to offer white-label solutions not only for trading technology but also for analytical capabilities, encompassing client flow analysis, abuse detection, and seamless risk management from any global location.

How does Finalto stay dynamic and agile with its solutions?

Clients seek sophistication combined with simplicity, operational and cost efficiency alongside robustness, and consistent uptime. They desire a unified platform and account encompassing all instruments—DMA, Futures, Options, FX, and Indices. Clients expect access to excellent and attentive support while retaining the independence to operate according to their preferences. They’ve invested considerable effort in building their businesses and shouldn’t compromise due to limitations imposed by their White Label solution provider.

With over a decade of mutually beneficial collaborations and clients who have evolved with us, we maintain our curiosity and commitment to innovation. Continuously developing new products and exploring opportunities in emerging markets, we strive to ensure that our solutions evolve to meet the dynamic needs of our clients, fostering their continued growth and success.

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