Interactive Brokers launches CFD products in Japan

Interactive Brokers has expanded its suite of investment options for Japanese clients with the addition of CFDs on US stocks.

Through Interactive Brokers Securities Japan Inc. (IBSJ), Japanese clients can now invest in CFDs alongside global stocks, options, and futures.

CFD products let clients trade US stocks and ETFs with leverage and have transparent, low commissions and financing rates, according to IBKR:

  • Commissions for US Share CFDs start at USD 0.0055 per share
  • Japan Share CFDs begin at 0.033% of trade value
  • Singapore Share CFDs start at 0.121% of trade value,
  • other share CFDs, including Hong Kong, Europe, and Australia, start at 0.055%.
  • Lower rates are available for all share CFDs with higher trading volumes.

Actively trade US stocks and ETFs with leverage

Dan Kerrigan, Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Brokers Securities Japan Inc., said: “We are pleased to introduce CFDs on US and global stocks to our Japanese clients. This addition allows them to actively trade US stocks and ETFs with leverage, providing a dynamic tool for enhancing their investment strategies and maximizing their trading potential. With this launch, we reaffirm our commitment to Japan, and to helping our clients our discover investment opportunities locally and worldwide with powerful trading technology, competitive pricing, and extensive global product offerings.”

According to IBKR, the following new features are available to Japanese clients:

  • IBKR Desktop: This next-generation desktop trading application for Windows and Mac is engineered for today’s traders who demand simplicity but value Interactive Brokers’ powerful trading tools. IBKR Desktop marks a new chapter for innovation and focus on the intuitive user experience at Interactive Brokers.
  • Expanded Overnight Trading Hours Service: Interactive Brokers was one of the first brokers to introduce Overnight Trading on US stocks and ETFs, now listing over 10,000 US stocks and ETFs. This allows Japanese clients to trade an even broader range of US equities nearly 24 hours a day, five days a week. Clients now have the flexibility to trade more US stocks and ETFs when convenient, and clients in Asia can trade a wider variety of US equities during local market hours.
  • Fractional Shares Trading: With fractional shares, clients can trade eligible US, European and Canadian stocks and ETFs, providing a simple way to build a balanced portfolio and invest in shares regardless of the share price.
  • Enhanced Japanese Website: A new website dedicated to Interactive Brokers Securities Japan Inc. is available in Japanese and English. With a streamlined navigation process, investors can find materials about products, platforms and tools with ease.

IBKR’s Japan entity has been operating in the country for almost twenty years. Interactive Brokers Group was established as a broker-dealer 47 years ago, offering access to global trading, including the US and other major markets, and the ability to trade a broad range of investment products from a single unified platform.