IntentX Partners with Orbs for Enhanced Liquidity Solutions

The new partnership between IntentX and Orbs Liquidity Hub, a collaboration aimed at improving liquidity access for users in the decentralized finance space. This integration is an important development for the DeFi community, offering a more efficient user experience by overcoming the limitations associated with automated market makers.

IntentX, a decentralized exchange known for its perpetual contracts, announces its partnership with the Orbs network. Through this collaboration, Orbs’ Liquidity Hub will become the primary engine for spot orders on IntentX, improving access to the perpetual contracts market for its users.

The Orbs Liquidity Hub is a DeFi infrastructure platform that enhances traditional automated market makers (AMMs) by pulling liquidity from both on-chain and off-chain sources. This initiative aims to solve the issue of scattered liquidity across decentralized exchanges (DEXs), enabling better pricing than AMMs by consolidating various sources of liquidity.

By joining forces with Orbs Liquidity Hub, IntentX aligns itself with notable platforms such as Quickswap on Polygon, Quickswap on Polygon zkEVM, and THENA on the BNB chain, becoming the inaugural platform on the Coinbase Layer 2 chain, Base, to leverage the Liquidity Hub. This unique integration enables users to secure the best possible prices without the drawbacks associated with AMMs.

How the Orbs Liquidity Hub will provide liquidity on IntentX (Image: IntentX)

Simplifying Liquidity with Orbs Liquidity Hub

Orbs Liquidity Hub simplifies the liquidity process by connecting with both on-chain and external liquidity sources, moving away from the traditional AMM model. It utilizes on-chain solver auctions and decentralized orders via APIs, allowing a competitive environment for fulfilling swaps through on-chain liquidity or private inventories.

This methodology opens the door for institutional and professional traders to participate actively, contributing to a more dynamic and competitive liquidity marketplace.

Revolutionizing DeFi with IntentX and Orbs Integration

The collaboration between IntentX and the Orbs project’s Liquidity Hub represents a pivotal step forward in the evolution of decentralized finance. It emphasizes complete decentralization, unrestricted access, and the ability to compose with other services seamlessly. IntentX users now have unparalleled access to liquidity, enhancing their trading experience without additional costs.

About IntentX

IntentX is an innovative OTC derivatives exchange offering perpetual futures trading. Based on the Coinbase Layer 2 chain, Base, IntentX introduces a blend of technological advancements that pave the way for the future of on-chain finance. With features like omnichain deployment, reduced fees, and enhanced liquidity, the platform launched its open-beta in November 2023, offering an extensive selection of tradable pairs.

About Orbs Liquidity Hub

Orbs Liquidity Hub is a decentralized layer designed to optimize liquidity across Automated Market Makers by connecting DEXs with external liquidity sources. This solution effectively addresses the issue of fragmented liquidity in the DeFi space, ensuring better swap prices for users. Integrated across multiple chains, the platform has become a cornerstone for improved liquidity solutions.

About Orbs

Orbs is a groundbreaking decentralized protocol supported by a network of permissionless validators. It has introduced the concept of Layer 3 infrastructure, enhancing the functionality of EVM smart contracts and opening up new possibilities in Web 3.0, DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi. Orbs serves as an intermediary layer that boosts the capabilities of smart contracts, contributing to a more robust and versatile blockchain ecosystem.