iFOREX launches AI assistant for FX traders

From understanding market concepts to navigating the iFOREX trading platform, users can now rely on this intelligent tool for comprehensive support.

iFOREX, an FX and CFD brokerage brand operated by Formula Investment House Ltd, has announced the launch of an artificial intelligence tool designed to enhance the trading experience for its users.

The AI assistant is now live on the iFOREX website and provides traders with instant answers to their questions about trading with this renowned broker.

Offering users the ability to ask a wide range of trading-related questions and receive immediate, accurate responses, the AI tool could become an invaluable resource for both novice and experienced traders, who demand quick and reliable information. From understanding market concepts to navigating the iFOREX trading platform, users can now rely on this AI tool for comprehensive support.

iFOREX enhanced educational offerings

Last year, iFOREX made several major updates to both its trading platform and educational offerings including daily analysis videos, access to the brand’s Trading Expert live feed, and a variety of non-leveraged instruments.

The Daily Analysis Videos are provided by a trusted third party that publishes e a daily overview of the financial markets while focusing on several instruments which are currently trending. Each video features an expert who walks through a potential trading opportunity on the iFOREX platform with detailed narration, demonstrating to traders the various chart patterns that may signify an upcoming trade. This allows clients to witness first-hand the type of technical analysis they can later employ in their own trading strategies and gain a wider understanding of underlying market function.

The iFOREX Trading Expert feature provides a unique opportunity for traders to gain valuable experience by watching an industry expert open and close CFD trading deals in real-time while sharing live commentary on their individual trading strategies. Using elements of both fundamental and technical analysis, iFOREX’s Trading Expert enables clients with the kind of insight and focus that could help them make more informed trading decisions of their own.

Non-leveraged instruments for LATAM users

iFOREX offers a wide selection of non-leveraged financial instruments to its Latin American market, intended for both large-volume traders as well as medium-sized traders seeking investments with lower risk. The lineup includes shares and cryptocurrencies such as Apple, Intel, Tesla, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more.

Non-leveraged instruments are executed at a 1:1 ratio (margin:deal size) and offer investors with long-term goals more opportunity by lowering market exposure and portfolio risk while doing away with overnight financing fees on long positions, thereby increasing the time they can hold an instrument without accruing maintenance or holding fees.