IDnow launches human/AI blended video verification for UK market

“With its unique combination of KYC-compliant identity verification, real-time fraud prevention solutions, and expert support, VideoIdent Flex is a powerful tool for the UK market.”

IDnow has announced the launch VideoIdent Flex, a new version of its expert-led video verification service that blends advanced AI technology with human interaction.

The European identity verification provider is addressing the growing challenges of identity fraud, compliance related to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes and ensuring fair access and inclusivity in today’s digital world outside of fully automated processes.

Re-engineered specifically for the UK market

Re-engineered specifically for the UK market, VideoIdent Flex combines high-quality live video identity verification with hundreds of trained verification experts, thus ensuring that genuine customers gain equal access to digital services while effectively deterring fraudsters and money mules.

The firm added that, unlike fully automated solutions based on document liveness and biometric liveness features, this human-machine collaboration not only boosts onboarding rates and prevents fraud but also strengthens trust and confidence in both end users and organizations.

The human-based video call solution, supported by AI, has been designed and built to boost customer conversion rates, reduce rising fraud attempts, increase inclusivity, and tackle an array of complex online verification scenarios while offering a high-end service experience to end customers.

White glove service for VIP onboarding

Bertrand Bouteloup, Chief Commercial Officer at IDnow, commented: “VideoIdent Flex marks a groundbreaking advancement in identity verification, merging AI-based technology with human intuition. In a landscape of evolving fraud tactics and steady UK bank branch closures, our solution draws on our decade’s worth of video verification experience and fraud insights, empowering UK businesses to maintain a competitive edge by offering a white glove service for VIP onboarding. With its unique combination of KYC-compliant identity verification, real-time fraud prevention solutions, and expert support, VideoIdent Flex is a powerful tool for the UK market.

“Identity verification is incredibly nuanced; it’s as intricate as we are as human beings. This really compounds the importance of adopting a hybrid approach to identity – capitalising on the dual benefits of advanced technology when combined with human knowledge and awareness of social cues. With bank branches in the UK closing down, especially in the countryside, and interactions becoming more and more digital, our solution offers a means to maintain a human relationship between businesses and their end customers, no matter their age, disability or neurodiversity.

“VideoIdent Flex is designed from the ground up for organisations that cannot depend on a one-size-fits-all approach to ensuring their customers are who they say they are. In a world where fraud is consistently increasing, our video capability paired with our experts adds a powerful layer of security, especially for those businesses and customers that require a face-to-face interaction.”

A customizable video verification tool

VideoIdent Flex customizes checks as required by the respective regulatory bodies in financial services, mobility, telecommunications, or gaming, to offer a streamlined solution fit for every industry and geography.

According to IDnow, the solution has the following key features:

  • Customisable: Pre-defined configurations to meet specific industry requirements and regional regulations.
  • Expert-led: High-quality live video verification conducted by trained identity verification experts, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and compliance for high levels of assurance.
  • Extensive document coverage: Support for a wide range of documents, facilitating global expansion and inclusivity.
  • Real-time fraud prevention: Advanced fraud detection capabilities, including AI-driven analysis and manual checks, combat evolving fraud tactics and help protect against social engineering fraud, document tampering, projection and deepfakes, especially for high-risk use cases and goods.
  • Verification of high-risk individuals: Reviewing applications from high-risk persons, such as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), high-risk countries; or assessing where fraud might be expected with real-time decisions, without alerting suspicion.