IC Markets integrates with TradingView

IC Markets, the CFD brokerage firm regulated by ASIC and CySEC, has become the latest online trading platform to integrate with social trading community and charting platform TradingView.

From now on, users will be able to trade wide range of CFD products covering crypto, futures, indices, and currency pairs on IC Markets via TradingView.

Established in 2007, IC Markets delivers trading solutions with low latency connectivity, low spreads, and ample liquidity. Aiming to bridge the divide between institutional and retail investors, the broker grants access to opportunities that were previously reserved only for investment banks and high-net-worth individuals.

Users now can go to the TradingView trading panel, click on the IC Markets icon, and enter their brokerage account credentials to start trading.

TradingView caters to over 50 million traders

TradingView is the world’s leading charting platform and a vibrant community used by over 50 million traders around the globe. TradingView empowers its users with best-in-class charting tools, live market data, a comprehensive analytical suite, and trading integrations with selected partners.

It is a unique space where market enthusiasts can chart, chat, and trade in one place. Whether you are a crypto advocate interested in btc/usd, a forex trader following the dxy index, or a value investor looking for hidden gems with a stock screener — TradingView stores perks and benefits for everyone.

Beyond premier user experience, TradingView provides solutions for businesses, including advertising, news partnerships, market widgets, charting libraries, and broker integrations.

Broker integrations via Match-Trade

As to broker integrations, TradingView regularly welcomes new additions. Earlier this week, CySEC-regulated GBE Brokers partnered with TradingView to allow its clients to leverage the world-renowned social trading platform’s comprehensive market analysis tools and features.

The broker integration was achieved through Match-Trader, establishing a unique trading setup for users, who now get access to a wide array of trading tools, including charts, indicators, scripts, and backtesting facilities.

It was in January that Match-Trade partnered with TradingView in a move to address the needs of top-tier brokers aiming to bridge their back-end technology with a premier charting platform. Brokers can now benefit from TradingView’s superb charting capabilities and vibrant investment community, coupled with Match-Trader’s matching engine supporting up to 200,000 accounts.

The Match-Trader platform, introduced by Match-Trade Technologies, a renowned technology provider with over a decade of experience, provides extensive APIs for easy incorporation into brokers’ technological environments. The TradingView integration is expected to help brokers boost their brand awareness, attract new customers, and enhance the trading experience for existing users.