GSX Group Account Centre Launched for KYC On-boarding of GBX Users


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Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

GSX Group Account Centre Launched for KYC On-boarding of GBX Users

May 14, 2019

Gibraltar Blockchain ExchangeAs part of the continuing development of the GSX Group ecosystem, and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) user on-boarding experience, a new KYC centre called the ‘GSX Group Account Centre’, has been created, scheduled to go live on Monday 6th at 8am UTC.

The new GSX Group Account Centre will contain customers’ KYC data and GBX’s new Terms and Conditions, providing a one-stop KYC solutions hub to access all platforms and services within the Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group (GSX Group) Ecosystem. For now, this includes GBX’s Token Sale Platform (the GBX-GRID) and GBX’s Digital Asset Exchange (the GBX-DAX).

Kurt Looyens, CEO of GBX
Kurt Looyens, CEO of GBX

Kurt Looyens, CEO of GBX commented on the upgrade, stating:

“When I first reached out to the GBX community, I spoke of improvements that we planned to make in our on-boarding processes and overall user experience. Now I can inform our community we have taken a significant step forward in that endeavour, with more upgrades planned in the future. We always strive to maintain our institutional-grade standards. Our regulated and insured exchange continues to provide a platform that demonstrates to our best practices, while giving our users a seamless on-boarding journey.”

Future Developments
Moving forward, more GSX Group businesses will also use the GSX Group Account Centre, bringing greater functionality to GBX customers and the GSX Group. The roll-out of the The GSX Group Account Centre is the first step in moving towards a single sign-on for all GBX platforms.

A Note About Passwords
In order to use the GSX Group Account Centre users will need to set up a password. Please note that a GSX Group Account Centre password is independent from existing GBX-GRID and GBX-DAX password, as such, any existing GBX-Grid and the GBX-DAX passwords will not change. For security reasons, please do not disclose your GSX Group Account Centre password to anyone.

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