GMI UK’s Top Level Management Sees Major Changes Mostly Focusing On In-House Appointments


Global Market Index Ltd., UK based STP-ECN broker is seeing its top-level management go through a series of major changes over the course of the last thirty days. In its bid to ensure a successful year ahead, the brokerage continues to make significant changes to its personnel. According to the latest updates from the company, Chris Hossain-Nelson current global head of sales at the company is now getting appointed to its board of directors. Nelson joined the firm last August along with his co-worker Aaron Brown who was head of IB sales at FXCM. Prior to his tenure at GMI, Nelson served as the global head of institutional partnership at FXCM and served in the firm for nearly 10 years. The FCA regulated firm is also looking to strengthen its compliance department and has appointed Chanaka Warnapura as the Head of Compliance.

Warnapura, joined the firm at the start of this year is an industry veteran having held high-level positions in roles associated with the compliance process at FIXI plc and Henyep Capital Markets. Yet another notable in house promotion is the appointment of Mohammed Omayer as the firm’s operations manager and MLRO. He was also assigned the role of Company’s Secretary to the board of directors earlier this year. Mohammed joined the company last summer as compliance manager having held key positions in compliance departments at major FX broker houses in UK such as Money Europe and GKFX. As mentioned in our previous articles, these changes made to senior management level posts in the FCA regulated broker house is driven by the motive for increased revenue.

The company expects to boost revenue from several core areas such as highly customisable liquidity for institutional clients, geographical expansion and also increased focus on professional traders along with close co-operation with sister company Finstek. In their bid to improve offerings to professional clients, the firm has hired Marco Chiaiese to serve in the capacity of sales manager of its professional client sales division. Prior to joining GMI UK, Marco worked at Pepperstone UK as per report published in Leaprate website. While John Dean Taylor who was their COO until April this year has left the firm, he is expected to remain in capacity of advisor for the firm’s special projects according to comments from Ashraf Ebid, CEO of GMI UK.

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