Fyami Group Launches Toolkit to Help Fintech & IT Firms Re-launch Post Lockdown Operations

The Fyami Group, UK based leading marketing and growth consultancy service provider has revealed launch of new platform in its latest announcement. As per announcement from the firm, the newly launched platform is an integrated toolkit which supports sales, marketing and business services and the tool is aimed at Finance, IT & Fintech firms which are looking to restart their business operations post covid-19 lockdown measures. The company claims that this tool can support business in any stage be it a firm which is just returning to office or a firm restarting their business and can help them adopt their operations to suit the “new normal” market scenario. The firm caters to clients from both UK and across the globe. While its services can directly be claimed from Fyami Group is most regions due to presence of local office, it also works to make services available across all market regions via a number of carefully selected business partners.

The firm performs an assessment for all firms requesting access to its platform in a one-hour preliminary phase. For those who qualify, services which can be availed include

  • Online & traditional sales strategy
  • Telesales campaign creation & lead generation
  • Sales training & upskilling teams
  • Digital marketing consultancy & Martech
  • Digital transformation
  • Web design & app creation
  • SEO & Social Media management
  • Public Relations, content generation & blogging
  • Email marketing including HubSpot management
  • Events Management: Webinars, Zoom events, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams.

Speaking about launch of this service, Chris Davey from Tiralis Global a client of Fyami Group said “The days of business silos are gone for good. We needed a company who could help get us to get found and to help us to get more customers. This required an overall strategy that would help with our sales, marketing and website… helping us all to collaborate. That’s exactly what Fyami does well”.

Fay Eldridge, Founder, Fyami
Fay Eldridge, Founder, Fyami

Speaking about launch of this tool, Faye Eldridge – Founder of Fyami said “Navigating your business and your people through COVID-19 safely has been a daily challenge, one that no company could have anticipated this year. As workplaces are starting to open-up to this ‘new reality’, IT finance and fintech companies need to take a holistic approach where sales, marketing, technology & product development teams can collaborate to identify their best come-back options. Fyami recognises this need to take an integrated approach and is introducing a broad range of high-impact services to reignite our clients’ operations; enabling them to hit the ground running when planning their next move. Whether you need to make some transitional changes to your sales model and organisational structure or whether you are unsure how to mitigate the business risks of your future marketing strategy in such fast-moving times, then Fyami can make a difference”.