Flock.io and io.net Unite to Pave the Way for Decentralized AI Development

In an effort to create a community-driven Flock.io platform for on-chain, decentralized AI models; the leaders have decided to join hands with io.net to power Flock with decentralized computing.

FLock and io.net are both about the same in that they seek to decentralize AI at all tiers of the tech stack, and as they attempt to remove the risks that are connected with the massive data storage, they could open the door to a future in which AI will help to improve human productivity.

Jiahao Sun, the founder and CEO of FLock.io, shared, “A future powered by AI is inevitable, but we’ve already experienced the repercussions of AI products that are centrally owned and operated. This is why we are committed to facilitating community-governed AI systems via our decentralized training models. As part of this overarching mission, we’re delighted to be fully decentralizing the GPUs powering the platform with our io.net partnership.”

Ahmad Shadid, CEO of io.net, added, “We believe that by combining io.net’s decentralized compute resources with FLock’s innovative platform, we are setting a new standard for privacy and efficiency in AI development. This partnership underscores our commitment to transforming the AI landscape by making powerful computing accessible and affordable.”

AI models are taught using Flax by reaching through the federated model learning process in which the models learn across fixed data sources without transferring them. Thus it is no longer dependent on gathered data centrally and so the possibility of its abuse proves to be mitigated. Distributed hosting uses idle computing power across as many providers as 200 across the world/different countries through io.net, so the computing becomes more accessible at a 90% lower cost than conventional cloud service providers.

FLock.io also puts together a community-based platform that allows members to develop on-chain, decentralized AI models themselves. FLock allows for real-time analytics and decision-making by combining federated learning and blockchain technology, and rewards data contributors fairly, which in turn inculcates open collaboration. Another feature is that it enables efficient generation of new and cutting-edge AI models that enable personalized needs as well as it assures data privacy by not exposing raw data during training.

io.net is a physical peer-to-peer infrastructure network (DePIN) capitalized to deploy and run on-demand decentralized GPU clusters from a geographically distributed pool. The Internet of Global level is estimated 0.2 million GPUs today, and the special architecture designed for applications with low latency and high processing demands, like AI/ML and cloud gaming, plays a key role. IO.NET is the world’s first open-access cloud-based solution that generalizes GPUcompute, revives memory costs, reduces lead time, shuffles choice and enhances performance capability for engineers and businesses globally. Are ready to obtain a computing capacity at just a small fraction and to become capacity providers at io.net.