Finastra leverages OpenFin to enhance workspaces and workflows

Finastra has joined forces with OpenFin to redefine the user experience of Finastra Kondor, a leading bank treasury management system.

OpenFin is a provider of Chromium-based workspace technology to the financial industry, deployed to more than 3,800 banks and buy-side firms.

By leveraging OpenFin’s technology, Finastra will strengthen Kondor’s visual real estate with enhanced workspaces and workflows to drive greater efficiencies and streamline the decision-making process for banks.

Part of a wider Finastra Kondor evolution

Finastra Kondor is a treasury trading system that meets financial institutions’ needs for sophisticated treasury functionality while enabling growth and ensuring compliance. The solution is the backbone of numerous financial institutions.

The partnership is part of a wider Kondor evolution, which includes leveraging microservices, embedded AI, and partner ecosystems to deliver intuitive and persona-based experiences, available via Treasury as a Service (TaaS) and cloud capabilities.

Powered by OpenFin’s Workspace “Anywhere” technology, Kondor users will have easy access to the solution either in web browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge or as a lightweight desktop app.

Whether curating personalized experiences via the micro-UI workspace, or consuming partner applications via unified dashboards, banks benefit from a more seamless, intuitive and value-added treasury management experience wherever they are working.

“A new standard for what financial institutions can expect”

Herve Carrere, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Treasury & Capital Markets at Finastra, said: “Enriching Kondor with OpenFin’s software reflects our ongoing commitment to placing our customers at the center of the solution experience. Through robust technology and TaaS, we’re giving banks the tools to fast-track their transformation, future-proof their business to evolve with new demands, and optimize their entire treasury operations – from full back-office processing through to real-time coverage of credit, market, and liquidity risk in the front office. The seamless workspace experience also ensures that users can easily access these tools in the way that works best for them.”

Adam Toms, Chief Operating Officer at OpenFin, commented: “Our collaboration with Finastra enhances Kondor’s already impressive capabilities, making it even more powerful in the complex landscape of treasury trading. Together, we are setting a new standard for what financial institutions can expect in terms of performance and user experience.”