Financial Commission adds Ultima Markets to membership roster

Multi-asset brokerage firm Ultima Markets, operating under the trading name Ultima Markets Ltd, has been granted membership of the Financial Commission, marking the most recent inclusion into the ranks of the self-regulatory organization.

Ultima Markets status as an Approved Broker Member of the Financial Commission was effective from March 4, 2024, following the acceptance of their membership application by the Financial Commission. The accreditation assures traders that they are receiving services that adhere to the commission’s quality standards.

The addition of Ultima Markets as an Approved Broker Member offers stakeholders access to various benefits and services, including protection of up to €20,000 per complaint submitted.

Ultima Markets is a financial services provider that is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius. It holds the license as an Investment Dealer (Full-Service Dealer, excluding Underwriting) with the license number GB 23201593.

Ultima Markets offers a multi-asset trading platform catering to a diverse range of investors, providing access to over 250 CFD financial instruments, including Forex, commodities, indices, and stocks​​​​. The platform touts the benefits of trading with them, such as low trading costs due to tight spreads and transparent pricing, and a high leverage ratio​​.

The Financial Commission is an independent international service that offers the resolution of disputes with the aim of resolving trader-broker conflicts. The commission is supported by the Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC), which in turn is comprised of recognized industry professionals. It operates as an independent international service that helps facilitate a simpler resolution process than through typical regulatory channels, such as arbitration or local court systems.

All clients of members of the Financial Commission are protected by the Compensation Fund which acts as an insurance policy. The organization also issues execution certifications for approved brokers‎ as the industry-specific association attempts to reduce the number of execution-related disputes that occur before they progress into formal complaints.