FinanceFeeds Podcast Ep. #4:’s William Klippel

The FinanceFeeds Podcast has published its fourth episode today, with our Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Isayev interviewing his former colleague at Gain Capital, William Klippel.

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Nikolai and Will met in 2006 at Gain Capital’s New Jersey office and both moved to the Wall Street office. Nikolai focused on marketing FX products to Russian-speaking clients while Will managed a team of FX sales representatives before moving to London in 2008 to lead EMEA sales for UK.

At the end of 2011, Will found is way back to NYC and pivoted from retail FX to the institutional side of the market to run the prime-of-prime business for GTX Direct, an institutional ECN. Fast forward to mid-2020, Will was the Head of DMA Product at GAIN Capital, leaving the firm amid the completion of its acquisition by StoneX Group.

FF Podcast Episode 4 William Klippel Capitalise… but only after a cup of coffee and a Manhattan sunrise

Willl is now the Head of Sales at, a platform that allows traders to easily create, test and automate any trading scenario using plain English text without the need for coding.

Having joined at the start of the COVID-19 lockdowns, Klippel shared how much he likes working remotely, starting out each morning enjoying a “proper latte” while sitting on his front steps and watching the sun come up over Manhattan. “I take it all in and then go to work. Very therapeutic.”

Since is a Tel Aviv-based operation, commuting to work won’t be on the cards any time soon, but even if the firm sets up a New York office, Klippel says he doesn’t see himself in the office full time.

Sending a text and away you go

About, Klippel explained it is unlike the other low-code/no-code platforms as it is much simpler. It is like: sending a text and “away you go”.

The “intuitive” trading automation technology handles fundamental news releases, and technical analysis, and allows users to phrase their needs in a variety of ways.

The firm is booming since the pandemic and has onboarded major players within the trading industry, including Binance and FTX in the crypto space, but also has inked deals across the FX and CFD industry as well with top-tier brokers like FXCM, Interactive Brokers, ACY Securities, and Pepperstone. will be next in line to launch this month as they have just finished integration with, according to Klippel. So we should expect an official announcement very soon.

Will told Nikolai that the fintech firm launches new features every month based on feedback from traders and existing partners. Instantaneous backtesting was one of the most highly anticipated features to roll out and it gets results back in just a few seconds after the user requests. He said this feature is a major step forward in the democratization of algo trading.

“Cryptocurrency connoisseur” compares Ozarks to real Missouri

The Head of Sales at is also an active trader himself and Nikolai took the opportunity to ask him about his thoughts on meme stocks, gamification, and democratization of trading.

The self-identified “cryptocurrency connoisseur” said his personal belief is that the ‘crypto winter’ is “incredibly healthy” for the industry, which is not going away as “too much money has been put into this”. Regulators will help the digital asset space to become a more efficient regulated marketplace, he said.

FF Podcast Episode 4 William Klippel Capitalise

The interview also covered his personal life in his hometown of St. Louis, how his passion for photography and film turned into a side business venture during the pandemic, and how the TV show Ozarks did a portrayal of rural Missouri that is “an extreme characture”. will be at the iFX Expo Bangkok and Will invited anyone tuning in to the podcast to contact him via LinkedIn in order to arrange a meeting.

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