FinanceFeeds Podcast Ep. #3: Elina Pedersen talks Your Bourse, hiring, Estonia after Soviet rule

Episode #3 of the FinanceFeeds Podcast also covers the work of Your Bourse as of late, including the “plenty of developments in the past two months”.

“The quality still fascinates me to this day”, she said, as she enumerated the recent additions to Your Bourse’s offering since the latest Expo, including corporate actions, a commission module, and redesigned data extraction.

Ms. Pedersen took the opportunity to announce the firm’s plan to release a socket API by mid-September to prove how the team at YouBourse remains incredibly busy.

This led to the next topic: hiring in Tallin, Estonia versus Limassol, Cyprus. Both cities and countries deserved praise for their pools of talent, which differ in area of specialization.

Elina Pedersen pointed to Estonia as a high quality pool of talent of software developers and Cyprus as a first choice for operations, including professionals specialized in MetaQuotes products.

The interview included a brief discussion about the ‘crypto winter’ and the acknowledgment of the widespread adoption of crypto products, which even the regulators can’t ignore and are now starting to accept and developing proper regulatory frameworks.

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Episode #1 with 24 Exchange CEO Dmitri Galinov and Episode #2 with Autochartist CEO Ilan Azbel were released earlier this month but remain available for listeners.

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