Finalto wins ‘Best White Label Solution’ at FMLS23 with ClearVision

Finalto’s ClearVision is a white-label solution designed to provide partners with a comprehensive set of tools and applications for managing various business aspects from a single system. This solution is aimed at financial institutions and brokers who require an integrated platform for client, liquidity, and risk management, along with trading platforms, back office operations, and more​​.

Finalto has been awarded ‘Best White Label Solution’ at the Finance Magnates London Summit 2023 (FMLS23), a recognition that highlights Finalto’s commitment to innovation and versatility in financial technology solutions.

The FMLS23 award marks a significant milestone for Finalto, which has been accelerating its global expansion in remarkable ways. Central to this expansion is the strategic development of its infrastructure, evidenced by the launch of new data centers in Singapore and New York, which have positioned the firm as a truly global liquidity provider.

“It’s a validation of our hard work and the trust our partners place in us”

Paul Groves, UK B2B CEO of Finalto, praised the team’s dedication and hard work to make ClearVision what it is today.

Finalto’s ClearVision is a comprehensive suite of applications and tools designed for partners to manage various aspects of their business. This single-system solution encompasses tools for Client Management, Liquidity Management, Risk Management, Trading Platforms, BackOffice, FIX API, and more. ClearVision is engineered to offer a robust and comprehensive approach to business management in the financial sector, addressing diverse needs within a single, integrated platform​​.

“We are incredibly proud to be recognized at FMLS23 for the efforts and achievements we have passed on to our clients this year. “This award is a reflection of our team’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the fintech industry – particularly when it comes to ClearVision. It’s a validation of our hard work and the trust our partners place in us.”

Finalto is committed to maintaining high service standards and continually updating its digital ecosystem. The company is undergoing a brand refresh to reflect its core principles of innovation, dynamism, and advanced technology. This new brand identity aligns with Finalto’s vision as a leader in financial services.

What is Finalto’s ClearVision?