Finalto releases 2024 financial markets ‘Watchlist’, highlighting key trends and developments

Trading software and liquidity services provider Finalto has released its 2024 Watchlist, an insightful report providing a detailed analysis of the current and future state of financial markets.


Finalto’s 2024 Watchlist offers a critical lens through which to view upcoming market trends and developments. As the world continues to navigate through a period marked by major changes and disruption, Finalto’s experts have compiled their insights to outline what might be expected in the coming year.

The report acknowledges that while 2024 may not bring the kind of unprecedented shocks seen in previous years, such as the Covid-19 pandemic or the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is important to remain open to various possibilities.

In the previous editions, Finalto’s Watchlist discussed how the financial markets were influenced by major global events, from political upheavals like Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, to the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the end of an era of low-interest rates.

Likewise, Finalto’s 2024 Watchlist delves into a range of scenarios and potential developments. Among the key themes explored are the effects of escalating global tensions, the rise of right-wing politics in Europe, the impact of the upcoming US elections, and the future direction of inflation and central bank policies worldwide. The report also considers the possibility of currency wars and other key economic trends.

Neil Wilson, Chief Market Analyst at Finalto and the author of The Watchlist, highlights “conflict” as a major theme for 2023. He then reflects on a growing consensus in the financial community that geopolitical tensions and economic disputes are likely to continue shaping market dynamics.

“Next year looks like it could be defined by one word: conflict. Our 2024 Watchlist looks at how the new world order will be defined by multipolarity as globalisation, peace and deflation gives way to fragmentation, mercantilism, war and inflation. In the paper we look at everything from the Fed’s next move to the Bank of Japan’s big decision; from CBDCs to the health of the global economy, from an era-defining US presidential election to the rise of the right in Europe,” he added.

In addition to the Watchlist, Finalto plans to engage its audience through various platforms, including LinkedIn and YouTube. These channels will feature interviews, explainers, and discussions, offering fresh perspectives on the themes outlined in the report. The aim is to trigger a broad discourse, drawing on a wide range of viewpoints and opinions.

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